Officially Radio-Active

That’s it, Wade is now officially radio-active for a few weeks. No cuddling of babies, no hugging pregnant women, no furry pussycats on laps…. Oldfangled girls like me are safe though!

The day before the operation, Wade was busy re-bedding a hatch – the only one which leaked in the torrential rains last week, which is quite remarkable. Why are you doing this now, I asked … His response was “If I cark it on the operating table, I want the boat to be perfect for you” … gee thanks Wadie! But when in the same breath he added «I hope I can go for a surf with Murray on Thursday» (2 days after the operation) I knew he really had lost it! There is optimism and then there is unrealistic expectations. I might add his doctor said a categorical no to playing in the ocean with 79 pin holes up his whatchamacallit, when he posed the question in the Recovery Room! Somebody had to talk some sense into my man!

Although relieved the procedure is done, Wade is not feeling the best and it is likely to get worse as the radiation takes effect. Yet as always he is positive and hopeful it will all be good. We think ourselves lucky to have got through this stage given the current health crisis.

Passed out!
Passed out too… too much cat nip!

The next two weeks will determine how soon we can depart. It all depends on Wade’s state as the radiation kicks in. But right now as we watch with concern the spread of the corona virus, we can’t help but feel that the sooner we can leave, the better. When it comes to social distancing, sailing away is our best option!

News from France

The news from France and Papa are very mixed. Although he is in a better place physically and intellectually, he is at the mercy of current world events as the corona virus creates havoc and countries take drastic measures to slow the spread of the pandemic. The French government has taken the extreme measure of putting all nursing care establishments in lock down. This means visits to patients are not permitted. So having managed to get Papa to live near his family in Toulouse, he now can’t see anyone! All we can do is communicate with him by phone, which is not always easy. It is all a bit sad and lonely for my old Dad who turns 88 today.

On the positive side, the hospital lock down provides some respite for my sister who was spending more time than reasonable with our Dad and feeling close to exhaustion. It forces him to find his bearings at the residence and not be so reliant on her.

Another question mark looms over an eventual return to France. Whether flying back and forth will be possible or indeed advisable when the time comes is another matter! In an environment where things are changing daily it is hard to know how the next weeks and months will evolve.

Look after yourselves, stay well, keep your distances and don’t hoard the toilet paper!

26 thoughts on “Officially Radio-Active

  1. Oh Chris and Wade,
    I really feel for you at the moment. It’s a very trying time A frustrating and anxious time no doubt. Stay strong during these trials… lots of love to you Wade. We think of you both all the time and miss you very much.

  2. Good luck Wade. I have only heard of good responses to this treatment and I’m sure you will beat the bug easy. Sorry to hear about your Dad Chris. I am going through the same with my Mum, and have to leave NZ to go to work (In Bass Strait funny enough), so it is very worrying. At least you are in a very pretty marina with everything close at hand. Best wishes!

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts, Craig. We are OK and keeping our chin up. Sorry to hear about your Mum. It is a difficult phase in all our lives.

  3. Whether it be the personal cancer battle or the inevitable spread of a new viral disease one can only stay sane by living hour by hour and day by day ! My best wishes that the personal days do not prove too difficult . . . as far as coronavirus is concerned – in my view the sooner we all are exposed and develop immunity, the better. We lost over 800 vulnerable Australians to influenza last winter season . . . thank God it is three at the moment with corona. And it will be a hundred times that unfortunately, but buying stores empty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer (ordinary soap does the job as well if not better !) will only hurt your fellow countrymen !! Best to Wade – pretty safe on the boat methinks . . .

    • Hi Eha – thanks for the good wishes. We feel safest in the boat and are keen to move on for lots of reasons… and with both of us with compromised immune systems, we most definitely don’t want to get sick!

  4. If Wade’s that radioactive I wouldn’t be planning a trip to NZ soon – they banned radioactive imports years ago! Bengie definitely looks stoned! 🙂 Our thoughts are with both of you (plus extra cuddles for the girl of course)…
    I now see that the government has asked everyone to reconsider their travel anywhere (I just got an email from – everything seems up in the air…. We do however look forward to seeing you all on your journey north when you can leave your troubles behind. xxx

    • Hello Trish, I think we both need to be on whatever Bengie is on… it obviously works! Mind you she needed it after her yearly injections and getting an allergic reaction to what dust was lurking when the couch was removed!
      We are kind of thinking that we will leave at the end of the month if Wade is OK. We have had enough marina life for a few years and are itching to sail away. See you on the way north…

  5. Oh poor girl. Yes, I can imagine you wont want to see a dock for a very long time! Being a live-aboard is a very good way to self Isolate with regard to this pesky virus…. We got to town this morning to restock but we’ve been on our own for over a week…and will be for another week the way the wind is going…If everybody did it the current situation with corona virus would blow over….

    • We definitely don’t want to catch that virus, me especially! I might kick the bucket if I get it…
      Re Wadie being radioactive ☢️, he has now been given a card for airport security… he will most definitely light up their scanners and send them chiming!

  6. Take care you 2. I hope you are feeling a bit better Wadie, take it easy Mate. I hope you will soon be sailing away from civilisation and the virus

  7. Hey guys, sending you positive vibes for Wade, but I suspect he’s lying there thinking of jobs that need doing on the boat. Anyway hopefully you can drop lines soon and head somewhere warm. Natalie and I are aiming to leave after Easter. We won’t have a cat with us but our little Schnauzer ” Daisy.”

    • Hi Brad and Nat – we hope we can see you in the Lakes as we make a stop there on our way north. We are hoping to be able to leave before the end of this month. Lovely to hear you will have a furry friend. They are great fun to have on board.

  8. Gotta love Wade’s approach to adversity …… ‘hey I’ll just go for a surf….’
    Here’s hoping for some more light in the dark times, so you can sail off into the dry north!
    Our love and best wishes to you both!

    • Yap, he is what you call a cruiser through and through! We are hoping we can be outta here soon so we dodge the bullet with the virus… Take care of yourselves you two!

  9. Thinking of you guys. We are all in uncertain times now & you both don’t need this. Lyn’s Dad passed in January he was 87 our thoughts are with you both. Take care.

    • Hi Mick, very sorry to hear about Lyn’s Dad. It is a sad stage to go through.

      It is all very unsettling with the virus on top of everything else. Provided Wade is ok, we are leaving the big smoke before the end of the month. The safest thing for us is to float around in the ocean, so we will be stocking up and hopefully cast off next weekend. Thank you for saying hello. Stay safe.

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