More Boat Work

It is one of these periods when we feel we bought ourselves a hell of a lot of work with our catamaran, but we love this 20-year-old lady. Our philosophy with looking after Anui is to do as little as possible but as much as necessary. Some problems cannot be ignored, like a troubled engine or a failing anchor winch. Others you can defer for a while, but eventually you have to deal with them.

Repairs Update

We are progressing! Trent at 143 Boat Building has been busy. The new coupling for the starboard engine has been ordered and is on its way from Selva (Italy), the new anchor winch motor is installed, the NKE autopilot is in, although none of this was straight forward… nothing ever is!

And then we have the cosmetic side of things – not essential, but it falls into the “it’s bugging us, so let’s attend to it” category. Geoff, our gun painter from Millenium Marine Painting, is doing his magic. We got him to tackle repairs on both hulls which had been poorly handled by somebody else two years ago. It irked us to see these blemishes on our beautiful boat and to us they stood out like dog’s balls! It is a bit scary when the process starts: grinding, filling, sanding, filling again, sanding, undercoating, sanding, spray painting, polishing. It looks worse before it looks better. The gallery below shows the progression. Today as we post this, spray painting is happening!

Other small improvements

While stuck at The Boat Works, we are attending to anything not quite right – might as well use the time and facilities! These include:

  • Replacing the old analog plasma TV which was about to die with a 12V LED Smart TV – Netflix here we come!
  • Getting Ryan at 143 Boat Building to adjust our cedar TV cabinet since the new television occupies less space than the original one. A new shelf and piano hinged door will be added.
  • Getting our dinghy repaired as it was taking in water between the RIB and the aluminium floor.
  • Getting a new mainsail headboard pulley made so the 12mm halyard runs through properly. The existing pulley was designed for a 10mm halyard and failing.
  • Ordering a Garmin Echomap Plus, a small sounder for the dinghy that will enable us to survey the bottom and build a contour map of unchartered reef entrances and lagoons before committing to bringing the big boat in.
  • Re-planting our little herb garden after a scale insect invasion, much to Bengie’s munching pleasure.

With everything that has been going on, we have not felt we could get away from the shipyard and this has been a bit frustrating. The weather has not helped either – frequent showers, strong wind… But we keep dreaming and preparing thoroughly for what we hope will be our biggest reef explorations to date.

Although we have been struggling with being hemmed in, constantly dealing with maintenance and its escalating costs, in the scheme of things we are more fortunate, freer and safer than many people around the world. We thank our lucky star we live in Australia.

11 thoughts on “More Boat Work

  1. Don’t you just love boats! We most definitely understand the frustration and ever increasing costs. But we also agree that we are in a petty good place on a global scale. Will see you soon. xx

  2. Wow, guys, there’s so much going on at once! I hope all of the issues are sorted out soon and you are on your way. 🇦🇺

  3. I can empathize! Not on a boat but at home nothing’s easy – computer problems, TVs dying, even Norton is screwing up! I bet, though, you’ll be happy soon, especially with the Garmin Echomap Plus!

    • No matter where you live, there is always something breaking down or demanding attention. We will have fun when we can get away and play with the new toys at the reef! Stay safe and well, Janis.

  4. It is never ending for you and Anui. I hope all goes well and you are soon on your way towards your big new adventure. I also hope the weather improves for you, it has been an ordinary summer here in Sydney.

  5. Your fibreglass guy is a genius if he matched and blended the paint right …. truly a black art!
    We love your herb garden, Claire and I tried to work out which herbs you were growing. Basil? Marjoram? Chives? (I guessed coriander but was shot down …) Happy waiting!

    • Hi guys! Our painter is a real pro – the prep and colour matching are flawless… worth his weight in gold! The herbs from left to right: chives, Italian parsley, basil, curl leaf parsley, tarragon, cat mint, then at the front the micro greens in the little green trays… can’t quite remember what they are but they taste good!

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