Cruise story hot off the press

Our 2022 Coral Sea Voyage journal is hot off the press and uploaded to our website.

To immerse yourself into an oceanic adventure, read the detailed account of our epic voyage, see the many photos we took including aerials, underwater images, stunning seascapes and endearing bird photos, go to our Cruise Stories/Sailing Anui page or click on the image below.

Enjoy the read and we look forward to your feedback.

17 thoughts on “Cruise story hot off the press

      • Yes big boats are expensive to run and we have everything we need on this one. Glad you can see what we are up to in real time on our satellite tracker! There is no hiding from anyone 🙂

      • I come from a boating family growing up on a lake in Michigan, and we did some drag boat racing in the late 70s. Great memories!

  1. Just skimmed through your amazing pics and novella! Will sit down this week with a cup of tea and a CD with lapping wave and bird songs, while I immerse myself in your adventure epic …. 😉

      • Such an idyllic sailing adventure! Those amazing reefs, islands and birds ….. like you, we were bedazzled by the tropicbirds when we visited Lord Howe …. not sure why, we were simply engaged by them. And, happy birthday Chris! What a languid way to start your retirement years!

  2. Hi Chris and Wade I finally departed Brisbane in July after all flood damage repairs on Rahana were complete. Currently in Bowen and intending to cruise to Cairns then haul out. Have just had a question from a fellow cruiser who has 2 new crew members joining him for 2 weeks while his partner is away. They have come via a crew seeker website and not known to him previously, they have owned a F P cat in recent times. He is wondering what sort of a financial contribution to ask for. Any ideas? Loving your coral sea blog Regards Simon Fleury Rahana

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    • Hi Simon, nice to hear Rahana is back in the water and you are sailing again!

      Re your query it depends a bit if it is a delivery trip or a holiday! When we have had people help on a delivery we haven’t paid them, but we supplied all food and drink on board. With friends on holiday we split the cost of food, drinks and fuel. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Christine
        Have passed that on.
        Hope to catch up with you two as we head north.
        Leaving Bowen in the morning

  3. Thank you so much for you excellent articles. We just got back to Cairns after a month cruising up to Lizard Is and returning via some amazing reefs. You have really inspired us and we have caught some of your reef addiction.
    sv Discovery II

    • Hello Discovery II
      So glad you are enjoying our posts and cruise stories. We are anchored at the start of the Trinity Inlet – we will be leaving Cairns in a few days. Come and say hello if you get a chance! We are heading north to where you have just come from!

      • Would love to meet. What’s a good time for you?
        We are in Cairns marina F11 untill Thursday to reprovision for the long journey back to Pittwater. We cruise Tassie in summer.

  4. Hi, I have read your journal and it is a good summary of your adventures out at sea. Loved all the photos. Enjoy your travels up north. Feeling better but not there yet, but will get there.

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