Ready to go again!

It is funny how staying in marinas has never been our thing; they are expensive, they can be noisy and we’d much rather be anchored in the wild! And yet our time at the Batemans Bay Marina has been really pleasant; we each secretly found we were actually enjoying ourselves and finally admitted this to…

Frolicking in the Furneaux

Our last few days in the Furneaux Group have been our idea of perfect cruising: warm, sunny weather, short brisk sails, beautiful anchorages with a mix of visiting an old favourite at Key Island Bay and discovering two new ones on Clarke Island: Rebecca and Moriarty Bays.  

Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island Discovery

After leaving Tin Can Bay, we start our life aboard in earnest. It is a totally new experience for Didier and Véronique who take a couple of days to get used to the routine, the time zone change and the boat processes – water conservation, power usage, all those things you have to be aware…