Frolicking in the Furneaux

Our last few days in the Furneaux Group have been our idea of perfect cruising: warm, sunny weather, short brisk sails, beautiful anchorages with a mix of visiting an old favourite at Key Island Bay and discovering two new ones on Clarke Island: Rebecca and Moriarty Bays.  

Frolicking both above and under the water line has filled our days beautifully: diving, snorkeling, catching a few feeds of green lip abalones, walking along sandy beaches, reading, playing with photos and even socialising! We caught up with another catamaran, “Purrfection”. We had met Ian and Wendie last year at Iluka and they follow our blog. It has been fun to share a day’s activities together.


Two cats on the prowl at Rebecca Bay

Our last two sails have been short and speedy, zooming along at 10 knots. It helps to use the tidal currents around here. They wrap themselves around the islands like ribbons. You time your moves to take advantage of them and pick up a free 2 to 2.5 knots extra speed.


We are now at Moriarty Bay for a few days and might end up doing some exploring along the eastern side of Cape Barren Island as the wind has swung to the west and is forecast to remain westerly till Friday.

9 thoughts on “Frolicking in the Furneaux

    • They taste a bit like squid. We slice them really thinly and lightly fry them in small batches with different herbs and spices, like ginger and lemon, sweet chilly, garlic butter or lemon grass and ginger… it’s really tasty!

  1. Cruising gold! Great to see the underwater shots too! Seems like Wade’s old Abalone diving days are yielding sum yum dividends!

    • It is lovely when the weather allows us to do things like this. Nothing better than eating freshly caught tucker! See if you can organise another month of kind conditions Mr Meteorologist!

  2. What brilliant places to spend your time and have fun exploring. Love the underwater shots. The new camera housing works sooo well. Continue to enjoy.

    • Hi sue -no camera housing needed, just the Olympus on its own… all good to 15m below, and this was only a a few meters down. We were thrilled when we saw the Ornate Cowfish… so beautiful and that one was taken while snorkeling!

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