Spansih Dancer Nudibranch

Keppels Magic

It is still really windy, up to 30 knots during the day, the swell wraps around the headlands even at anchor, and there are rainy spells, but nothing stops us: we explore ashore, snorkel and the Keppels do not fail to spin their magic.

Ups and Downs

We made it back to the Keppels after three and a half days of spinnaker sailing and are now 220 nm south of the Whitsundays! 

Sea Mammals Series – The Dugong

The last post in our Sea Mammals series is the elusive Dugong.  The name comes from the Malay “Duyong”, meaning “lady of the sea”.  Its slow and graceful swimming is possibly the inspiration for mariners’ tales of mermaids.  The common name for the Dugong is sea cow, no doubt because it grazes on the sea…

Funny looking hump at Humpy Island

With many islands, the Keppel Group is a beautiful playground.  Varied walks, interesting flora and birdlife, superb coral sites where each spot is different, uncrowded anchorages – especially if you dare stray from the official ones noted in the cruising guides – the Keppel Islands really have a lot to offer.  One of these was Humpy…