The Best of the Keppels

Having spent two weeks in the Keppel Isles, we wanted to share with you the best we thought they offered, both above and below the surface.

Of all the walks we did, our favourite was at Humpy Island, on the ridgetop trail. The views from the ridge afford 360 degree views of Keppel Bay and the islands. In winter the grevillea flowers are in bloom, adding patches of red to the landscape, contrasting with the spent flowers of the grasstrees. Here are a few of our favourite images.

Keppels -8387 - Humpy Is

View south from Humpy Island

Keppels -8400 - Great Keppel Is

View East towards Great Keppel from the summit of Humpy

Keppels -8401 - Humpy Is

Our anchorage at Humpy Island seen through the grasstree spikes

Keppels -8382

Grevillea Flowers at Humpy Island

We snorkeled in many spots, but our most spectacular dive was at Sloping Island. Although the reef area was not very big with a limited variety of fish, we had our very best viewing of hard and soft coral not only at the Keppels but since the start of our coral sea cruise at the Great Barrier Reef! Here is a sample of what we saw underwater:


Nicest spot for a sunset: Leekes Beach at Great Keppel Island where you share the anchorage with many other yachts! You see the silhouette of the mainland in the distance.

Keppels -8499

Most serene anchorage which we had to ourselves: Wreck Beach on the Eastern side of Great Keppel Island! With a name like this, it is no wonder no one else was game to throw the pick there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd of course you cannot possibly spend time at the Keppels and not be enthralled by the many Green Sea Turtles. When you see them swimming, they look like they are flying underwater.


We are now leaving the Keppels and sailing northward, towards the islands offshore of Port Clinton. While we cruise there we may well have unreliable internet coverage, so bear with us if you don’t see our new surroundings for a little while. We have a few posts scheduled to stay in touch in the meantime.

9 thoughts on “The Best of the Keppels

  1. The colors of coral and fish underwater have such exquisite hues that look amazing in photos. Great post Chris!, Take care… 🙂

    • Thanks HJ. The little fish were gorgeous. I spent ages trying to get a good photo of the reddish one called a Firetail Dottyback – funny name! It kept hiding in the soft coral. To me it looks like a little rainbow. The other two were easier and opportunistic shots.

  2. Just gorgeous. We’ve had a couple of sunny days and the dolphins and gannets have been putting on a display in the bay just near us so a little touch of the wonders of nature at this now grey and windy end of the world. Happy exploring.

    • Thanks Ann. We have been thinking of you and your time with us here a few years ago. It has been amazing. We feel so good about the past month! Great that you saw some dolphins – we never tire of watching them. Hoping to see dugongs further north.

  3. Wow, I love the colours! Both above and below. The grass trees are so different. I believe the sea turtles are actually flying!

  4. Wow! Beautiful coral and fish, landscape not bad either. So nice to see. Your posts must be fascinating to those overseas who have never experienced the joys of Oz.

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