Funny looking hump at Humpy Island

Sailing to Humpy Island-1With many islands, the Keppel Group is a beautiful playground.  Varied walks, interesting flora and birdlife, superb coral sites where each spot is different, uncrowded anchorages – especially if you dare stray from the official ones noted in the cruising guides – the Keppel Islands really have a lot to offer.  One of these was Humpy Island, with its intriguing humpy creature in the water. 

An odd looking beast was circling Take It Easy late in the afternoon: we first saw a hump and heard a blow; the next time it surfaced 10 minutes later, we caught sight of a sirene’s tail, then nothing for ages.  Later a big nose and large nostril appeared…  We all climbed on top of the cabin roof, to take a better look, and discovered it was a dugong!  Having never seen one of these creatures before, this was very exciting, even though it only made a few seconds appearance at a time and was really hard to photograph! We felt very privileged to catch sight of this gentle sea mammal, especially when we discovered it has been declared vulnerable.  It was a very special sighting, before yet again a gorgeous sunset.

We woke up the next day to a very foggy morning.  We could not see beyond a few meters from the boat.  We lazed on board for a while, then headed ashore for a delightful ridge top walk right around the island.  We had fields of red grevillea, black boy grass trees with their tall seed heads and beautiful butterflies.  We never saw very far beyond our island, as the fog persisted all around the coast and the nearby isles, but our surroundings showed an attractive and rugged coast.

Although our QLD winter cruise is officially over – our family flew back home on Thursday night, 6/8/15, and we will be home tonight (Sunday 9/8/15), we have a few more posts to share with you of our wanderings.  It has been so varied and jam packed with discoveries, that we have a few more updates to share with you over the next week.  So stay tuned!

For now, here is a selection of images taken over the two days we were at Humpy Island.

11 thoughts on “Funny looking hump at Humpy Island

    • Leaving the marina at 10.30! An hour taxi rude to Rocky, then 2 planes to get home at 7.00 pm. It will be the worst day of our pussycat’s life! Feeling anxious about it!

  1. What the heck is a Dugong? I’ve never heard of that word before. Some type of whale right? Oh your cruising holiday is so beautiful. Interesting how much it has volcanic origins, somewhat similar to the Galapagos.

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