A Game of Russian Roulette

Not only do we have to contend with gale force winds and huge swell for days on end, but now we also have to dodge 83 shipping containers drifting along the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Sedate Lake Macquarie – or was it?

We had not intended to move inside Lake Macquarie after our provisioning in Swansea, but the change of forecast meant we had time to kill before heading out again.  Local catamaran sailors Phil and Deb Thompson came on board to pick our brains about Tasmania.  It was nice meeting them; they have been following us…

Aerial Acrobatics

There is something about the waters around Port Stephens that is so appealing! We left Broughton earlier this week, headed for Swansea, at the head of Lake Macquarie.  What a treat of aerial acrobatics by gannets and whales alike! So we could not resist showing you the delights of our passage.

Life is getting easier!

We are continuing our northern migration. After a 6 hour sail from Pearl Beach to Swansea on Friday, we had a big day on Saturday: not only did we spend the whole day in shorts and Tshirts, but for the first time ever, we made our own water! 


Rendez-vous at Port Stephens

Santa found Take It Easy in Lake Macquarie at the Pulbah Island anchorage (now renamed Poo Bah), and down the hatch came some presents:  a serious fishing rod, assortment of lures, new hat and shorts for Wade, a Canon EF100 1:2.8L IS USM macro lens for Chris – what a seriously good addition to the…

Bird Cage Sunset

Swanning around in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is an interesting stretch of protected water.  The lake is a coastal lagoon of 110km2, with numerous bays, twists and turns, thus offering varied anchorages, and sailing conditions.  The depth varies from a couple of meters up to 12m in the deepest part.  Anchorages are on a muddy or sandy bottom, so the…

Cruising as it should be – no disaster!

May be we have got over the heebie-jeebies of rough seas and gear hassles.  Touch wood! We left ill-fated Port hacking on Friday, having spent a full day attending to our rudder and the navigation lights, which had decided to stop working.  Mr Fix It picked up a couple more stripes on his epaulettes after…