Life is getting easier!

We are continuing our northern migration. After a 6 hour sail from Pearl Beach to Swansea on Friday, we had a big day on Saturday: not only did we spend the whole day in shorts and Tshirts, but for the first time ever, we made our own water! 


Rendez-vous at Port Stephens

Santa found Take It Easy in Lake Macquarie at the Pulbah Island anchorage (now renamed Poo Bah), and down the hatch came some presents:  a serious fishing rod, assortment of lures, new hat and shorts for Wade, a Canon EF100 1:2.8L IS USM macro lens for Chris – what a seriously good addition to the…

Bird Cage Sunset

Swanning around in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is an interesting stretch of protected water.  The lake is a coastal lagoon of 110km2, with numerous bays, twists and turns, thus offering varied anchorages, and sailing conditions.  The depth varies from a couple of meters up to 12m in the deepest part.  Anchorages are on a muddy or sandy bottom, so the…