Bramble Cove from Mt Milner

Bound for Port Davey

We have been out of contact for a while, but what a time we have had! Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour are the highlight of any Tasmanian sailing voyage. If you seek untamed, pristine, remote wilderness, this is the ultimate. Getting to the South West Tasmanian Wilderness from the North West coast, feels like even…

Sunset on the Gordon River

Up the Mighty Gordon River

We have spent five days up the mighty Gordon River. It has been a thrill and a huge adventure. You know what they say, you haven’t had an adventure if you did not wish you were elsewhere at some stage!  Well guess what!

Macquarie Harbour

Macquarie Harbour Wilderness

When you think harbour, you may well have an image of a port, with artificial structures and jetties. But picture this: an enclosed waterway six times the size of Sydney Harbour; empty it out of people and townships, and instead fill it with rainforest wilderness right down to the water. This has been our world…

Macquarie Harbour arrival

Breathtaking West Coast

There is something momentous about sailing down the West coast of Tasmania. It is committal as there are not many places to hide. You feel a little on edge, a little excited too. The movement of the boat is different. It is not Bass Strait anymore with its confused chop.  It is the Southern Ocean…

South we go!

The stars are lining up for us, so south we go! We are trying very hard to avoid overnighters, as we don’t enjoy two hour watches, Wade and I, but we are opting for super early starts, to get us to cover distances before weather changes.