Pelican soaring at Port Albert

Bird Photography Challenge #41: Australian Pelican

Recognised instantly by its massive bill and pouch, the Australian Pelican (Pelicanus conspicillatus) is a common sight around wharves and in coastal towns. Its spectacular soaring high in the sky alternating with skimming flight just above the water never fail to impress us, and we are making it the star of our #41 Bird Photography…

Final Leg to Port Albert

After weathering bad weather for four days in the Gippsland Lakes, we finally got a short window to get out in the ocean for our final leg of our odyssey to Port Albert.  This is about a 70 nautical miles passage involving crossing the notorious Lakes Entrance bar, then crossing the even more dodgy Port Albert bar,…

Lakes Entrance at dawn

Winter migration

Winter is approaching, the days are shorter, the temperature is dropping.  These are the signals it is time to embark on our winter migration and sail the boat back from Port Albert to the Gippsland Lakes.