Final Leg to Port Albert

After weathering bad weather for four days in the Gippsland Lakes, we finally got a short window to get out in the ocean for our final leg of our odyssey to Port Albert.  This is about a 70 nautical miles passage involving crossing the notorious Lakes Entrance bar, then crossing the even more dodgy Port Albert bar, which does not get maintained.

We left in a strong Easterly, expecting a rollicking sail to the finish line. Strong wind warnings were out but we were intent on hugging the coast where the forecast showed it would be lighter.  We got all sorts of weather in one day: rain, 20 knots easterly, no wind at all, 25 knots from the north east, thunder and lightening and plenty of swell throughout.  It was not a comfortable passage, but it was a fast one.

Final Leg to Port Albert-8

Approaching the Port Albert Fairway Buoy

We reached the Port Albert fairway buoy at 6.00 pm, not sure we would get through the bar with the swell and quite prepared to not go in and continue to Corner Inlet.  But we were brave.  It was a wild crossing; we caught a wave, the back of the boat lifted and off we went, surfing for a long stretch surrounded by white water.  It was a relief to reach the green buoy, marking the arrival into more sedate waters.  Another hour and we were hooked on to our mooring.

We are having a rest now, and will eventually get home by the end of the week.

About 1500 nautical miles covered, boat brought back from Queensland to home waters, no drama, just very ordinary weather for most of the trip. Mission accomplished!


24 thoughts on “Final Leg to Port Albert

  1. Wow 2000 nautical miles! That is quite an achievement. Shame the weather didn’t cooperate for you. Glad you made it safely to home waters. We are heading over your way for Easter. Taking our kids in a campervan around the Great Ocean Road, and then we send them home and we are off to Ayers Rock! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Well done Chris & Wade!! So glad you are safely back! We have been following you closely all the way…Mike went to Seaspray yesterday & got a few shots as you passed…(we need a camera with telephoto lens!!!) What a great trip you have had…experiencing all weathers…well & truly! Bet Benji will be glad to hit terra ferma!!! Loved reading your blogs..thanks for sharing your travels!! Ho hum…back to work eh!! xo Mike & Jan

    • Hi you two! Watching from Seaspray! Wow! Can’t remember whether we were sailing fast or motoring slowly!

      We are all pretty tired and need a holiday after the cruise! And yes we will be glad to get home, Bengie especially!

  3. Well done Chris & Wade!!! So glad you are safely back!! We have been following you closely all the way…Mike went to Seaspray yest & took a few shots as you passed (we need a telephoto lens!!!)
    What a wonderful trip, you have experienced all sorts of weather for sure… doubt Benji will be glad to hit terra firma!! Have loved reading your blogs, thanks so much for sharing your travels! HO… Hum…its back to work we go….!! Till the next time….. Mike & Jan

  4. Congratulations on a successful conclusion to the long trip. “No drama?” I guess “drama” is a relative term. It seemed to me that you had your share of adventures as you made the stop and go journey.

  5. Just catching up on the story now after being away from internet for a bit 🙂 Congrats on the voyage – must be nice to be in home waters again!

  6. So glad you finally made it, with just a day or two to spare. I know it hasn’t been the best trip, but glad you all made it back safely, and I’m looking forward to seeing you.

  7. Finally made it, I hope the weather is OK to go to Mornington with Trevor Have fun with all the washing when you finally get to Brunswick. Ease yourselves into work

    • Not Mornington, but Wilson’s Promontory, but we did not make it there as the weather was just horrible: rain, strong wind, big swell, not what Trevor nor us wanted. So that little tour will have to wait for a long weekend. We are back home and yes, lots of washing… Oh what joy! And we don’t want to think about work!

  8. A great trip was had by all I am sure you will not forget it. You have gained lots of knowledge that will help out on future trips. You had a wide variety of incidents you won’t forget, both good & not so good. Time to relax & let it all soak in. HEARTY CONGRATS to you both, Cheers TERRY.

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