Jan Juc

Never far from the ocean!

We might have had a break from sailing last weekend, but we were not far from the ocean! Having not been to our place down the coast for months, it was nice to rediscover Jan Juc. Sometimes, even a very overcast morning can be fruitful for long exposure photography with friend Leanne Cole.

Captivated by the Surf Coast

Another weekend without Wade and Bengie, but what a captivating time for photography!  The weather was a bit iffy, however gloomy days often yield wonderfully moody images.  Cloudy skies, wild seas, soft winter light all contributed to another great weekend on the Surf Coast, perfect for indulging my passion.  I was accompanied again by photographer friend, Leanne Cole. The featured…

Spring sail on Take It Easy

The challenges of photography afloat!

Leanne Cole, a Melbourne based professional photographer whom I have been following since starting our website, asked me to write a guest post on her blog about the challenges of photography while sailing! Initially I thought there would not be much to write about and it might be of limited interest to her 33000 followers!  If many…