Reef Inspirations Story Uploaded

Our second story for 2022 is ready and uploaded to our Cruise Stories Page, Sailing Anui section.

As we float around the Gold Coast, sorting out our medicals and lining up the work that will be done on Anui in February, what better thing to do than put the finishing touches to our latest cruise story! This shares the voyage we made to the Far North Queensland reefs, cays and islets, including iconic Lizard Island.

We hope this will be a useful cruising resource for the yachties amongst our readers and will transport the land based dreamers to a very special part of our world.

The story also includes a section on the Coral Health Project we have been documenting, showing confronting comparisons of healthy versus destroyed coral. We encourage those of you who can, to take part in citizen science projects designed to help save what is left of the Great Barrier Reef.

To read or download, go to our Cruise Stories Page, or click on the image below. As usual we have a mix of aerial, seascape and underwater photographs to showcase the anchorages we visited.

If you enjoy reading our cruise stories, do drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts and feedback. We love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Reef Inspirations Story Uploaded

  1. Thanks Chris and Wade for the fabulous stories and photographs.
    As ever, I am torn between smiling at the indescribable beauty, and tears at the accelerating impact upon this ‘happy place’.

    • Hello Bill, yes the constant emotional seesaw takes us from elation to depression too! We can’t shake the feeling that the best of the Reef was 15 years ago and the future is grim.

  2. Thank you Chris and Wade,
    I have loved following your adventures. I wish I had have paddled out to say hi when I saw you were anchored in Hobsons Bay.
    Your photos, both high and low are amazing.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Colin. We don’t often come back to Melbourne. Always like to meet so yes, paddle in for a chat next time! Glad you enjoyed our cruise story and photos. Hopefully more to come next year!

  3. We never tire of seeing the amazing sights of the reefs ….. great pics and adventures!
    It looks like you squeezed an inordinate amount into your season …. enjoy your sabbatical!
    We’re having sub zero days at the moment, but hoping for more snow and a white Christmas …

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