Aquamarine Dreams Published

When you are a little obsessive about photography and about the Reef, what do you do with the many hundreds of images you captured? Select the very best and put together a photobook that showcases the Great Barrier Reef – above, on and below the ocean surface!

When images remain on a hard disk, you rarely go back to view them. But if you compile your favourites into a book, if you print a few to display on your walls, you keep looking at them, your visitors enjoy them, and you reminisce, you are transported back to the incredible moments you have experienced.

This book is a bit of an indulgence – the coffee table book par excellence. It is a 150 page lay-flat book which opens completely flat across the centre fold. This means that images can be run across both halves of the spread, interrupted by only a subtle fold line down the middle, perfect to display panoramas of which there are many. Here is the difference between traditional binding and lay-flat:

It was quite a job selecting the very best of our images and writing a few words about how each location we featured made us feel. We wanted to capture not only the beauty of these wild places, but also the emotion they instilled in us.

As usual we have used Albumworks to make this really beautiful photobook. Click on the link below to see the preview or go to our Published Page, Amazing Experiences section. You can of course purchase Aquamarine Dreams if you are so inclined directly through Albumworks, although it is expensive. The truth is we have had it printed in this premium format for ourselves, as a reminder of how fragile but stunning the Great Barrier Reef is, and to relive the extraordinary adventure of cruising in its midst.

10 thoughts on “Aquamarine Dreams Published

  1. Beautiful publication Chris! One suggestion, I reckon you’ve probably left your egos at the door, but I think it needs a pic of the 2 of you together at one of those stunning locations ….

  2. Wow! What an impressive collection, Chris. There is something so special about seeing your photos when they are printed and this book does a great job in showcasing a good number of your beautiful images.

  3. What a beautiful book Chis. Well done.
    We will treasure our copy. Congratulations
    Lindy & Phil

    • Wow Lindy- really pleased you have it. Apology for one typo in one of the first pages. You would not believe how many times I proofread! But the main thing are the photos and they are special. Hope to see you on our way down south.

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