Plans in sand

There is a say about cruising plans: they are drawn in sand at low tide.

Looking south, the Gold Coast Seaway and beyond

We had intended to start going south this week: cross the border into NSW and sail to Victoria to spend summer in milder climes then come back north in March/April. But this was always dependent on the outcome of our medicals.

We passed the skin test with flying colours – no bits burnt or cut off! We passed at the dentist – no holes to drill! Wade’s follow-ups we’re good too. But Chris’s bone scan and blood tests revealed a nasty reason for her aching hands and lower back pain: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). She now has the bad luck of having two autoimmune afflictions! It is tough to deal with physically and mentally.

We are busy with a series of appointments with therapists on the Gold Coast for the next two weeks meant to curtail the effects of the RA inflammation. We are yet to determine when and where to see a rheumatologist. On the Gold Coast specialists are not available for at least three months so we are trying to line up something sooner in Melbourne and in the meantime get some medication sorted! Our departure for Victoria is up in the air at this stage.

Second week anchored at Currigee

We want to sail for ever but our bodies are becoming a liability! However we have learnt to not project too far ahead, stay flexible, focus on the here and now and enjoy what we can while we can. It is the only way to keep scary, depressing thoughts in check.

While we get the health matters sorted, we try and have some fun. Wade has been able to go surfing (on the orange surf board), Chris plays the piano and flies the drone and Bengie enjoys her beach walks!

After the walk comes a well earned rest!

And we are also trying to dodge some violent weather. We have had a series of severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall, 40 knot winds and sheet lightening. La Niña is well and truly showing its mood and giving us a taste of the summer conditions we can expect.

20 thoughts on “Plans in sand

  1. Hi Chris. It is really frustrating when the body starts playing up. We are now in your weather zone. We look forward to catching up with you and Wade….and getting a cat cuddle ftom Bengie. Xxx

  2. The storms look so mean, but the drone views are so beautiful! I hope that Chris gets the RA in check as soon as possible, such a bad thing. Stay safe, get well! ❤️🇦🇺

  3. Chris, Really sorry to hear about your Arthritis. My partner had Rheumatoid Arthritis. They successfully treated it, weaned her off the drugs and now she is disease free. All the best in getting it sorted.

      • Methotrexate was the drug she was on for a long time. One side effect was it gave her asthma but not many others. The specialist slowly weaned her off it and she is drug and RA free today! All the very best with treatment!

      • Not sure what disease modifying anti rheumatic drug they’ll put me on yet. Can’t get an appointment with the specialist for 3 or 4 months, but the GP will prescribe something next week…. The side effects sound horrible. But it is a case of picking your poison. I need my hands and my back!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Chris, as always! Talking about health. After traveling to see my dear cousin R.I.P. Today, I ended up in Emergency Room in a local Hospital, the reason that yesterday morning i was having pain in the lumbar part of my vertebrae and pain on my left leg. I was food shopping with my wife and almost all bags were unloaded to my garage except two. I grab them with one hand and then tried to switch to each one bag in each hand. Then my legs collapsed in pain and could hardly walk because the intense pain to the lower back. I usually take pain easily but this time I was defeated by pain. I couldn’t get one step to walk! My wife got scared immediately. she helped me to get in the house. It was kind of late to plan anything, my son Tyler had to attend School in the morning and he was having with his friends a concert for the first time. (He’s playing a trumpet) So we planned to go to emergency Room after he would take the bus for School. After X-rays, and other tests. I got a clean Bill of Health. Since there was not damage to the spine, or any anomaly. Only a tremendous inflammation to the Sciatic nerves. I got to shots and 4 pills and sent me home.
    However, tomorrow a.m. will be having my final operation to the left eye and hopefully will be seeing well. Life has always way to keep us busy. Isn’t it? ❤️

    • Hi HJ, that sounds a bit scary! Intense pain then nothing is really off putting. But that is how it goes with nerve pain and sciatica.
      If there is one good aspect about my RA diagnosis it is that it explains a few abnormal things. The bad side is that it is possibly a life sentence.
      Glad you are OK now.

  5. Wow Chris, what a bummer ….. it’s like you’ve drawn another short straw in amongst all the long ones. Let’s hope your treatment programme works well for you. And Wade, good to see you catching some waves mate! It’s been snowing here, starting to feel a bit Christmassy ….. take care guys!

    • Hi Elgar, yes another short straw as you say… a bit hard to take as we discover the impact! Talk about needing to be resilient!
      Stinking hot here and lots of storms. Would love to be in gentler climes.

  6. Hi Chris, you sure have copped it, one thing after another, this time last year I was diagnosed with PMR Poly Myalgia Rhumatica which affects the muscles, I felt like I had done a hundred marathons every muscle ached incredably, I was lucky enough to find a specialist in Geelong Dr Jo Hall. She is amazing and on it. If you need someone closer to home I highly recommend her. I am on steroids but each month I come down one. On 3mg a day now and hopefully none in 3 months time. I hope they sort you out it put me off sailing for ages just couldn’t get away from the muscle pain. Take care. Janne / sailing Chi

    • Hi Janne, sounds like you have had your own battles. Don’t you like these inflammatory conditions… and getting older!? Glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope I can get sorted too. I want to maintain our sailing lifestyle for myself and for Wade, but we’ll see how things pan out. Hope you are back on Chi now or soon.

  7. Let’s hope you get it sorted soon. Steroids are great, so are pain killers. What about a Brisi specialist?

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