Ships hitting in the night

We were just about ready to leave Queensland and start our journey south but got delayed again! It has been one thing after another. This time it is ships not passing, but rather hitting in the night!

Between appointments for the physio, GP, hand therapist, COvid booster jab and lining up a rheumatologist in both Melbourne and Southport, we thought we had things covered. But Murphy was up to his usual tricks!

We were anchored at Wave Break Island. It is reasonably sheltered in SE conditions however on windy days you do the dance : wind against strong tidal current means the conditions can get lively with all anchored boats moving around a lot. The anchors reset as the tide changes, but if one boat does not play nice, you have problems and of course bad things always happen at night!

Anui before the damage

The boat of ones of our friends, unoccupied at the time, was anchored originally in the shallows a good distance away from us but with insufficient chain. We happened to be out on deck, checking what was going on around us. In the fresh conditions, our mate’s anchor did not hold and his boat came charging towards Anui. We fended it off at first but then it had another go in the howling wind, this time with too much momentum for us to push it off. We heard this sickening crack as its bow hit us on the starboard hull. It then drifted along our side, hitting again but this time in a glancing blow as we ran around with fenders pushing it off. The offending boat reached the back of Anui and careered forward again, coming very close to ramming us in the stern, but we managed to shove it off and it headed away toward another boat, coming awfully close to it.

Ouch! – the worst of the two strikes

We are now at The Boat Works keeping our shipwrights at 143 Boat Building busy. Our friend is picking up the marina and repair tab.

Anui at The Boat Works

It is not a big job, just a time consuming process because the blows have to be grinded, bogged, undercoated and painted. It will take a few days for the repairs to be done. We are so grateful Ryan is fitting us in at short notice … again! Last time was only a few weeks ago when we damaged a daggerboard at Wave Break (the place is a menace). We had them down to keep us from spinning in the current and ended up with the chain wrapped around the starboard daggerboard. We can’t thank the team at 143 Boat Building enough for accommodating us.

We are hoping to leave Queensland by Christmas Eve, repairs, Covid border rules and weather allowing. By now you can guess we are well and truly over our stay on the Gold Coast and can’t wait to leave. The prospect of visiting friends along the way in Port Macquarie, Sydney, the Gippsland Lakes and Melbourne is really exciting after nearly two years of isolation.

21 thoughts on “Ships hitting in the night

  1. Wow, I’m sorry about the hull damage, so sad! At least it’s not a major repair job. I hope the captain of the other boat will set the anchor better. Be safe and well, guys! 🇦🇺

  2. We personally know about ships hitting in the night in the Gold Coast area. Fortunately our damage wasnt as bad and we didnt bother chasing for money, the captain looked like he prob wouldnt have insurance anyway. Now we know two boats to avoid at this end of town. Still hope we cam catch up before you leave. Cheers Trish

  3. Not good at all guys. I hope the repairs go smoothly and you are soon on your way again. MYbe when at anchor in the Gold Coast , putting the fenders out from the off may be something to think about. 🤬😡😚

  4. So Sad. Feeling the pain of the impact even though I wasn’t there. Hopefully the repairs are quick.

    • Hey Graham – Repairs underway. We did not need the aggravation but feeling a bit more positive now. Fingers crossed the borders stay open so we can sail away!

  5. Crickey!!!! Or maybe… very cranky!!!
    So sorry this has happened Chris & Wade. Perhaps a halt on progress south for a reason. We are a bit worried re increase in cases in NSW. Safe trip x

    • Hi Lindy, yes the fast increase in COVID cases is concerning. We have a few more days before we can move, so we will assess on Christmas Eve and decide what we do. With a very compromised immune system I am particularly worried; we are strict as to who we see and who gets on board Anui (if not double vaccinated we don’t want to know) and we wear masks in shops but our Queensland safe heaven will soon disappear. We hope to see you and Phil and will keep you posted.

  6. Ouch. It is dangerous enough to drive on the crowded roads where I live–it seems like road accidents are a daily occurrence here. I never imagined that you would have to worry about runaway boats. I am happy to hear that the damage is relatively minor, because it certainly could have been a whole lot worse. The Anui is such a pretty boat that it breaks my heart (and certainly yours) to see her damaged.

    • Hi Mike, wayward boats in a busy anchorage are a menace and collisions do happen. A week after coming in for repairs Anui is nearly back to her old self.

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