Ship Cat’s Adventure

While the humans are busy with chores on the Gold Coast, I, Bengie, am in charge of writing this post!

If anyone is really enjoying the stay on the Gold Coast it is me. While we are anchored in front of Wave Break Island I can go ashore early in the morning for a walk on the beach! I just love trotting along, sniffing, digging holes and chewing on some twigs! We go really early, before all the nasty dogs turn up! Here are a few photos of my latest outing!

Wave Break Island sounds remote but in fact it is smack bang in the middle of the Gold Coast Broadwater. When you take a bird’s eye view, you can see the towers at Southport and the Seaway, the entrance from the ocean! Nothing wild and remote about this place! See, I show you:

Anchored at Wave Break Island
Gold Coast Seaway

The humans are doing boring stuff like seeing the dentist and the doctor and getting their skin checked. My Mum is also getting her aching hands scanned to figure out what is wrong! Me, I don’t have to do any of that. Lucky schmucky! When not doing chores, like cleaning mould off the boat, de-salting our home or fixing things, we hide from the rain! It has been very soggy! Oh and we get friends visiting, like Bill from Zed. I like Bill, he gives me good pats.

Once all the medical checks are done in a couple of weeks, we might go south, sailing all the way to our home state of Victoria for something to do instead of staying in Queensland again for the summer months. I can’t wait to get going and escape all that humidity. I just flake out when it’s so hot and sticky and my humans do too!

That’s me, flaked out

Oh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, on 1 December, we will have been on Anui for three years and four and a half years living afloat full time. It has gone fast, hasn’t it! I am very pleased my Mum & Dad made this boat our home… so comfy and homely and speedy! I like it a lot.

27 thoughts on “Ship Cat’s Adventure

  1. Hi Bengie
    Great photos & you are looking very fit.
    Looks like lots of fun. Hope the adults visits ashore go well & perhaps we will meet up again on your trip south.
    Your friend, Ella Bleu

  2. Such wonderful photos, Bengie, well done! I hope your humans are in good health so that you can make your way south soon. You are so pretty, Bengie! ❤️🇦🇺

  3. Hello Bengie – SO good to hear from you again . . . and thanks for ‘acquiring’ those interesting photos from Mom . . . I lived near Southport quite a few years and it is interesting to see how it looks now ! Glad you are enjoying your trips on shore too . . . ! Yes it would be nice if the boat travelled all the way to Melbourne . . . you might even have a few friends ashore ? And – have Mom and Dad ever ventured to that island of Tasmania further south . . . wonderful fish markets at which you just might strike it tasty-lucky . . . . big tummy rub and talk to you again . . .

    • Meow Eha! You have lived in lots of interesting places! We have spent a lot of time in Tassie before, in fact that’s where I went on my first sailing trip ever on our boat Medina when I was four months old and then lots of times on Take It Easy! We might go to the Bass Strait islands this time around on Anui! Thanks for the tommy rub 🐱

  4. Good on you Bengie, it’s good to learn of your life up there close to Wavebreak Is. I’ve stayed there for a few short stays too. I must say you have learnt well from Chris about writing an interesting blog.
    Maybe we’ll see each other if your humans do come south to Paynesville!
    Keep up the great life you have on board, meanwhile. All the best ! Meow, Doug.

  5. Hi Bengie. I can see you are enjoying yourself at the Gold Coast. I do hope we get to see you before you go ‘south of the border.’ If so, looking forward to a cat cuddle. Xxx Trish

    • Hi Trish… looking forward to a cuddle and head scratch! We are here for a couple more weeks, then we will catch the next northerlies down. What’s the plan for you?

      • Hi Bengie. We have just got to Burnett Heads. We need to do some shopping tomorrow (no food left) and there is a short southerly that we have to sit out, but after that it will be full steam ahead to the Gold Coast (wind and tides pending). Xx

      • The humans have their last appointments on December 6th at this stage but we’ll see how things go next week with skin and bone scan results… hope we catch up!

  6. Shades of Animal Farm, go Bengie! You must be worried about a possible mutiny perhaps? Maybe Bengie is already in charge of this blog Chris? What’s next, Bengie, ship’s captain? Watch out captain Wade, your job’s no longer safe!

  7. It is so cool to get a whole posting devoted to the adventures and perceptions of Bengie. I always smile when Bengie makes a cameo appearance in a blog posting and this one had me grinning from ear to ear, especially when I got the photo of Bengie “flaked out.”

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