Furious Furneaux

They say you have not had a real adventure if you haven’t once wished you weren’t there during your cruise. Well we have had one hell of an adventure!

Hiding in Paradise

A westerly gale has dominated these last few days, forcing us into hiding, and limiting our communication with the outside world. Despite this, it has been warm and sunny which makes things so much more pleasant.

Frolicking in the Furneaux

Our last few days in the Furneaux Group have been our idea of perfect cruising: warm, sunny weather, short brisk sails, beautiful anchorages with a mix of visiting an old favourite at Key Island Bay and discovering two new ones on Clarke Island: Rebecca and Moriarty Bays.  

Last stops along the NE coast of Tassie

Our last sail for 2016 was a lively passage from Bridport to Tomahawk Point.  The NW wind was fresh, over 20 knots, we had the swell running across our beam, and the water was choppy particularly as we passed Waterhouse Island. Too windy and a bit chaotic for Big O, we made do with a…

The derelict pier at Bridport

We have escaped – Sailing East again!

We had fun exploring up the Rubicon River, but glad we have at last moved on. There are only so many returns from wanders dragging the dinghy through the gooey, sticky mud one can do, and the hundreds of sand flies that set upon you as you do so really take the shine off things!…

Sunset over Mt Roland from Squeaking Point anchorage

Estuarine Wanderings

These last five days in the Rubicon Estuary at Port Sorell have been a complete change of pace and weather conditions. With settled easterlies, we have been unable to proceed further along the Tasmanian North coast. But it is without begrudging as we have enjoyed what the region has to offer and the sunny, warm…