Rhythms of the Islands

Greg and Ann have only been with us for a couple of days but already they are getting a taste of the Bass Strait islands moods as well as the rhythms and routines on Take It Easy.


Trousers Point Panoramic

They have experienced a hot still day when they arrived at Trousers Point, with its crystal clear, flat waters, they have seen stormy skies over the spectacular seascape at Badger Island.  They have lived through a sunny but very windy day at anchor and slept through a choppy night… Wade and I were kept awake by the slap, slosh of the water against the hulls and the bouncing in the chop, but our guests were fast asleep!

We have sailed in gentle, flat seas, we have walked on the beach, managed dry dinghy rides, caught a feed of squid, had dips in the rather chilly sea and then just sat, relaxed and enjoyed our amazing surroundings.


The colours of Bass Strait Islands

There is a deep blue sea, turquoise shallows, white sand, orange lichen on the rocks, wallabies and cape barren geese on the beach, sunshine, wind, whitecaps in the distance… the typical Bass Strait islands shades and feel.

Badger Island was a spectacular anchorage: facing the Franklin Sound, a passage between Flinders and Cape Barren Islands, with their mountainous sky line, and with the distinctive Mt Chappell Island on the side. We had two nights there, but today it is time to move on. We are sailing South to Preservation Island.


19 thoughts on “Rhythms of the Islands

  1. What a great experience for you all. Regards to Greg and Ann

    • Yes Viki , there are a couple of stories – one about a shipwreck where a box of trousers floated ashore and the other about people landing with only their trousers as clothes!

  2. The trousers point panoramic photo is just spectacular. The lone TakeItEasy, the lone dinghy on the beach, both embraced by a beautiful Bay with turquoise water and golden sands.

    • Very poetic Craig, and so true. We are all alone at Badger too and are pretty sure we will be too at Preservation Island. That’s cruising in the Furneaux😊⛵

  3. Another great post, Chris, and I loved the photos. Also was interested to see reference to Franklin Sound, named after the same fellow who led the ill-fated expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, Sir John Franklin. We walked on the shores of Franklin Bay (Northwest Territories, Canada) last year and knew that he had been Lieutenant Governor of what is now Tasmania.

    • Hi Robin – yes that was mentioned in the Flinders book. A lot of the islands and passages here are named after explorers, navigators and officials of the times. We are on Preservation island for a few days – another spot with a lot of history. The Sydney Cove was run beached here due to severe leaking, as a way to save life and cargo. When you see how low lying and exposed it is, you wonder how people survived.

  4. Love Trousers Point story. The scenery is again magnificent. So pleased Ann & Greg are having a good time

    • Yes they are pretty cruisy like you, Susie, and easy to have on board. For them it ‘s an amazing experience and to quote them it’s the Prom on steroids!

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