Rendez-vous at Trousers Point

This is it, we are ready for our exciting rendez-vous with our friends Greg and Ann! We have provisioned Take It Easy and filled up the water tanks at Whitemark before the weather turned sour for a day. We have even cleared the spare cabin so our friends can actually get in there. The boat is now presentable.


Arrival at the Whitemark jetty

Trousers Point on Flinders Island is a handy and scenic spot.  With two separate anchorages on either side of the Point, providing for different wind directions, we are more or less covered to pick up our friends from one beach or the other.

trousers-pointWe are currently at Fotheringate Beach, on the Northern side. It is sunny, the breeze is gentle, which is quite a surprise, given that last night the forecast was for 25 to 35 knot southerlies with gusts of 45 knots possibly exceeding 60! So we prepared for the worst and were very pleased it never came.

For the first time we have had a really good look at the cove at low tide. Right under the Strzelecki Range, it is a spectacular anchorage with amazing rock formations on one side.  There are broad shore platforms, sea stacks, caves formed by emerging groundwater and marine erosion, and alveolar weathering of cliffs, all making for amazing geology.

Our pussycat had her best walk ever.  May be she is getting the hang of this, even trotting through puddles!

We are all hoping for a continuation of the moderate weather – 15 knots will do, thank you. Here are a few images to give you an idea of our surroundings.

11 thoughts on “Rendez-vous at Trousers Point

  1. So pleased you are in calmer waters, and have provisioned. Have a great time with Greg and Ann. I hope they enjoy the experience as much as I did. Driving down to Judy’s funeral tomorrow.

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