The clearest of waters

It is not often that we get to spend time on the Western side of Wilsons Promontory, so in the gorgeous easterly weather we have been having, we decided to linger here for a few days. From Oberon Bay, we explored the neighbouring beaches further north: Norman Bay, Leonards Bay, Tidal River and our favourite:…

Back to our beloved Prom

After spending a few days at the Flagstaff Jetty just inside the Gippsland Lakes and catching up with our friend Dickie, we headed off on Friday morning to Wilsons Promontory in very overcast conditions and threatening skies. We flew our spinnaker for about 8 hours until it got too rowdy in the afternoon and Big…

Speedy Gonzales!

At long last we have left Wilsons Promontory and reached Lakes Entrance at the Gippsland Lakes on Tuesday night in record time. It was a bit like coming home, the Lakes were after all our home port for many years. But this time Take It Easy turned into Speedy Gonzales, even with reduced sails!

Nearing Wilsons Promontory

Victorian sailing – cold and blowy!

Cold, blowy, at times soggy and gloomy… that is what sailing along the Victorian coast is like at this time of year! Since dropping off our friends Greg & Ann at Phillip Island, we haven’t covered a lot of miles but have experienced all sorts of weather conditions: from fog, to brilliant sunshine, to gale force winds,…

Finding our sea legs

The first few days of a cruise are often a mixed bag: You are excited to be on your way, looking forward to future discoveries. But you have long passages to start with and you have not got your sea legs yet.  And Bass Strait is known for its short, confused, choppy seas. So guess…

Spring sail on Take It Easy

D-Day for Take It Easy

It is D-Day for our Summer 2016-17 Cruise!  D for Departure, Decompress, Discovery, Delight, Dawdle.  Hopefully not D for Danger, Disappointment, Dullness, Dread, Drips or Damage!