We have left Melbourne!

After just over five weeks at Yarra’s Edge, the medical saga is over and we have left Melbourne. We are definitely not in perfect shape, but it will do!

The night before departure, we moved Anui closer to the basin’s exit, just under the Webb Bridge, so we could easily back out the next day and not risk being boxed in by another boat! Despite this, as usual we were both still keyed up about our exit – would there be too much tidal flow, too much wind, would we hit the bridge, wedge ourselves against the corner of the quay, collect one of the many rowers paddling past… typical catastrophising, but it all went smoothly. We got out without problem at dawn before the wind picked up and parked along the outside jetty for a few hours while we got ourselves ready for several weeks in the wilderness.

Right against the Webb Bridge for our last night
Moved out of the basin on dawn
Lots of rowers!

We finally left Melbourne on Wednesday after a last physio session and provisioning.

The Bolte Bridge ahead
Leaving the city behind

We did not go very far, just picking up a public mooring in Williamstown for the night, but we were free and it felt good! We then had a slow 32nm motor sail to Sorrento at the southern end of Port Phillip Bay the next day, leaving the Melbourne skyline behind.

Bye bye Melbourne
Evening at Sorrento

Our next 50nm hop is happening as we post this: out of Port Phillip Bay across The Rip and a lovely sail to Cleeland Bight, Phillip Island in very light conditions, something Anui does exceedingly well.

This coming weekend we will use the lull in the easterlies to sneak up to Wilson’s Promontory. We may be there for quite a while or push on to the Gippsland Lakes before the strong easterly winds pick up again! We’ll see what the forecast looks like and how we feel.

The longer term plan

The plan is to get back to Queensland by the end of April for another reef odyssey this winter. We intend to make a few stops along the way at the Gippsland Lakes, Sydney and Port Macquarie, to see friends we could not catch up with on the way south.

We won’t rush, particularly given the catastrophic weather still devastating the East Coast of Australia. Record floods following unrelenting rain are wrecking havoc all along the coast. Between this and the war in Ukraine because of egomaniac Putin, these are times of turmoil for too many people: Refugees everywhere from nature’s fury and from war. How lucky are we to be safe, free and self-sufficient on our floating home Anui!

Thanks for following our ups and downs. We hope to bring you some more interesting posts and photos as we resume our sea wanderers’ life.

25 thoughts on “We have left Melbourne!

  1. Safe, free, self sufficient and healthy! Yay great to see you two escaping back to nature once more. We’ll be happy to give you big hugs when you get to Port Macquarie.

  2. Pleased you made it out of Melbourne. More relaxed now I think. I know you will enjoy the beautiful Aussie natural world as you travel north to the reef. Bon Voyage you two.

  3. Every word and location mentioned in your report made the memories of sailing my home state flood back through my brain. Equally so the pre departure medical stuff and other preparations.
    I will fly back to Darwin on April 5 for lift out and antifoul then depart May 1st.
    I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your time out on the reef as you always do.
    (Robert, ex Hobsons Bay mooring on cat Sundowner)

      • Yes. The Kimberleys this dry season. Plan is to explore that area for two months to Broome.
        Then down to Perth before the headwinds get too difficult.
        Nice to read of your perfect trip to Paynesville. I’ll be back there at the end of summer 2023.

  4. Fair weather, ever improving health, adventures not even planned, a cat with sea legs back and behaving . . . and a smile each morning as you wake . . . switch off all news channels awhile and just enjoy . . .

  5. Lou & I are on a biking holiday – Beechworth, Milawa, Myrtleford, Bright, Beechworth. Beautiful weather and scenery. Great winery lunches each day – tipsy bike riding afterwards to next overnight accommodation.
    Back in Metung on Monday – so hope to see you on your way through.

    • That holiday of yours in the NE sounds excellent. Know the area well from our paragliding days!
      We will be at the Lakes next week for a while. Have decided to use the lull in the easterlies to sail through and wait for a SW change there instead of at the Prom, so see you soon.

  6. I’m glad to see you are on you way again, Chris. I’m doing a little catch-up on your postings, having been totally distracted at late by Putin’s invasion in Russia. I especially loved the shot of the skyline as you were pulling away.

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