More days at the dock!

We had hoped we’d go today, but two more physio sessions are needed for Chris’s back so we soldier on and are staying at the dock for a few more days.

Even poor old Bengie has been needing medical attention. We had to call the mobile vet who gave her some antibiotics and anti inflammatories for an infection as well as her yearly vaccination. She was not impressed with the jabs, growling and hissing, but is getting better now.

I don’t like needles!

Managing health issues is one of the many challenges of life afloat. We are on Anui for the long term, not for a year or two and it is a balancing act. We yearn for adventure and exploration; but we also want to not push too hard physically so the bodies last the distance. Let’s hope we can keep exploring for many more years.

Right now with the catastrophic weather assailing Southern Queensland and NSW courtesy of La Niña, we are far safer moored at the Yarra’s Edge jetty than anywhere along the battered East Coast of Australia. We would not be able to go against the East Coast Low anyway! We keep being told these disastrous weather calamities are once in a lifetime events but the reality is we are experiencing these with disturbing regularity. Fires, cyclones, torrential rains, floods, all of increasing ferocity and frequency. It is scary.

A few improvements

We might be tied to the dock, wondering about the world’s future, but we are still dreaming! As soon as the cyclone season is over we will be heading back to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

To ensure we are able to get weather information and communicate while on future far fetched adventures, we have purchased the PredictWind Offshore App combined with the Iridium Go satellite system. As usual it was quite an undertaking to install, with thick cables to feed through a torturous conduit in the cockpit roof. We were glad we were tied up to the dock, with easy access to a hardware store! Skipper Wade tackled the challenge.

Satellite antenna AKA ‘the knob’ installed!

Wade has also taken the opportunity to ‘end for end’ the anchor chain so the half that was always in the chain locker will now be what gets wet and salty. He laid out our hundred meters of chain along the jetty, disconnected the anchor from one end and put it at the other end and swapped the anchor markers. Then it was a matter of winching the lot back up on board! As usual it was a job that took longer than we expected!

And now that Chris has her hands back, the piano has come out. It is so good to practise again after several months of being unable to play. The hands are still stiff and sore but it will improve over the next few weeks. We decided to get a stand for the keyboard to free the coffee table! And we also bought a good quality sustain pedal which does not skip along the floor and click every time you press on it. We should have done this from the start. Thanks to Greg for planting the seed and lending us his old stand to try!

Serenading back on offer!

Escape to the country

In between physio sessions for Chris and surfing for Wade, this last week we were lucky enough to escape out of Melbourne and enjoy a trip to the country. Our dear friends Ann and Greg took us to Yea to visit old paragliding buddies Scotty and Jenny who have recently settled on a superb rural property called Orana. With several mobs of cattle, acres of vineyards and huge vegetable gardens they have plenty to keep them busy! The six of us pretended to be farmers and generally had a great time together feasting on home grown produce, touring around the grounds in buggies and devising elaborate ways of getting rid of the local pests: huge flocks of cockatoos and crows which have a nasty habit of eating the grapes in the vineyard.

It was an opportunity to fly our new drone for the very first time and give the guys an unexpected view of their pride and joy… and scare the cockies! There is a lot to learn about the new machine which is very fast, manoeuvrable but also quite different to operate compared to our previous drone.

The vineyards around Orana
Close up of the house plot
Drone mission: scare the cockies!
This one is for Ukraine 🇺🇦

As you can tell, the fun is slowly returning. Only a few more days of patience and we will be able to cast off the mooring lines.

21 thoughts on “More days at the dock!

  1. Sorry to hear Bengie has been unwell and delighted she is on the mend. Also delighted Chris has got her hands back and also on the mend. What a relief that must be. Love to you all. Stsy safe!

  2. Great photos all around! I’m glad that Chris’ hands are good to go. With storms like you describe going on, I would also stay tied up! The home and land are beautiful down there, even that huge water tank. The whole world is so sad for what this Putin so and so has done, pure evil. Be safe, guys. 🙏🏻🇺🇦🇦🇺

  3. Ohhh, poor Bengie! She must be a codger in cat years as well? Nice pics….. glad you’re healing quickly Chris 😉

  4. Hello guys, it’s a bummer you’re still tied up at Melbourne but take it from me it could be worse. We’re stuck in Jervis Bay and the conditions are awful. Non stop rain for days and days now and the sea conditions are very rough at least for another week, (and it’s already been a week). We planned to be back at Lakes entrance by now but I think we’re at least a couple of weeks away now.
    Stay south for a bit, the weather there is much better me. Good luck with everything.

    • Hi you two, yes things have worked out for the best for us, really. We have had lovely weather. We’ve thinking of you wondering where you were. Might see you at the Lakes!

  5. Hi Guys
    Good thing you are in Melbourne given the terrible weather up here.
    I’ve been to hell and backup here.
    Rahana broke off her mooring in the Brisbane River on Monday morning. Managed to borrow a powerboat to search for her. Subsequently located and salvaged her myself with the help of another yachtie.
    She is a bit bashed up but repairable .
    Send me your private email and I’ll forward some pics

    • Oh Simon, so sorry to hear this. We could see how fast the Brisbane river was flowing on TV but did not realise that’s where Rahana was moored! You would have had no chance to stay put. Really hope you can get her fixed.

  6. Poor Bengie, she look so upset and skinny, vets are not nice people from a cat/dog point of view. Loved the shots from the drone, nice country. Nice to see you playing again, have fun. Was nice chatting this am. S

    • Hi Sue. At least the mobile vet is a less upsetting and easier option for her… just pricy for us. She is much better now. Glad you like the drone shots. The property is beautiful and edges the Goulburn River.

  7. I’m glad that you are relaxing now and you willl get well soon. Poor Bengie, I hope she get well soon, too! Take care, Chris. 🙂

  8. I love the portrait of Bengie, even if she was not too happy with needles. None of us are. It was cool too to see Chris at the piano–I suspect that playing it is good therapy from both a physical and mental point of view. I have always loved your drone shots in the past and am happy too see that you are working on mastering the new one. I remember well how you gained confidence with the old drone and gradually went higher and higher.

    • Hi Mike, Bengie has thankfully recovered well. And yes, the piano is an important ingredient in my well being and a good measure of improvements in my hands. As for the drone, steady progress there too, but carefully as this new one is an expensive toy.

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