Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel! We are not quite out of it but getting closer.

This last week we have yet again been busy with medical appointments: review with GP, hand surgery follow up and start of the physiotherapy program for Chris’s back.

Now that we are over the medical hump, we are also enjoying many get togethers with friends and family. We have managed to catch up with nearly every body in person without getting or spreading the dreaded plague. Wade has even fitted in a few surfing sessions with his brothers. Love this photo of the trio taken by Craig!

Craig, Murray and Wade together for a surf!

After months of anxiety and discomfort, we yearn to resume our sea wanderers’ life and roam freely without pain or worry. The biggest win out of this month in Melbourne is realising we will be able to continue living the way we choose with some adjustments. And this is incredibly important to us.

We have another week at Yarra’s Edge to fit in multiple physio appointments and give Chris the best chance of improvement. Meanwhile Wade is the official photographer. Look at the beautiful reflections on a calm day!

11 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel

    • Another couple of sessions then we will see! It will never be right, so it’s learning to do what helps and avoiding whatever makes it worse as you well know.

  1. Hi Chris,

    Good to hear things are looking up.
    It’s been great to get you, Wade, and my family together while you’ve been here in Melbourne.
    And I’ve really enjoyed the surf trips with both my bros!

    • H Murray – it was a very nice day with the three brothers reunited and the lovely food Maree prepared for us all. Thanks for your help too with the trip down from Eden and moving my Dad’s precious things. Everything has worked out well.

  2. Great to sense happiness and joy back in your life…dodged a bullet there Chris…so hope you’re quickly on the mend. And your sailing dreams will continue without other hiccups.
    Hey Wadey, how come Craig and Muzz got the hair and height genes!!! Different milkman??

    • Feeling better – not perfect but it will never be, as long as it is good enough to clear out and resume our explorers’ life we are good to go. BTW, good things come in small packages, Waz!!

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