On the mend

It is official: we are no longer spring chickens. Also official: we will keep pretending we are!

One of the rare photos of us!


Yes we are still at the same spot, next to the Webb Bridge. Chris’s hand surgery was successfully done last Tuesday; bandages come off next week.

Panda hands

While Chris’s paws are out of action for a week, Wade has to do everything… Might as well enjoy it while it lasts but it is a little frustrating. He is the dresser, cook, carer. She draws the line at toileting though!

The MRI for her back confirms widespread degenerative changes and osteoarthritis. It certainly explains the pain, but at least it is definitely not RA. A few sessions at the physio to get a daily exercise regime, a great deal of swearing, some help with the mental side of pain management and acceptance that’s her lot will have to do… easier said than done! It is a bit like managing maintenance on Anui, really: you take a lot of preventative measures, you are diligent with maintenance, and you don’t push too hard!

We try to stay physically active, with daily walks along the Yarra. These photos were taken before the hand surgery. Now holding a camera is problematic.

Melbourne cityscape
Webb Bridge

We have another busy week ahead, with medical follow ups as well as socials. We are starting to reconnect with our friends now that we are over the hump which is really special after two years of absence and months of hyper vigilance. Nothing beats a real hug and tête à tête!

Even though the catch ups in person are heartwarming, we are itching to leave the marina after three weeks at the dock. The ocean is calling! Our intention is to leave Melbourne as soon as the surgeon gives us the green light, and the hand therapist and the physio have set the hands and back exercise programs. The end of the month might be feasible, but we’ll see. Having got this far, we need to finish the job and give ourselves the best chance of reasonably trouble free cruising.

30 thoughts on “On the mend

  1. I thought you were supposed to only be as old as you feel….so you need to find a young friend to hug. Best wishes for quick recovery. Not sure when we will see you, I have a funny feeling we will be like passing ships in the night until later in the year. Love and hugs to the three of you…

  2. Ouch, Chris! I hope your paws heal very quickly! I’m 61, my Spring Chicken hit the high seas a long time ago, LOL! Take it easy and get well, guys! By the way, you may find it interesting that Nevada has dropped the Mask Mandate a few days ago as did Florida. Maybe other states are doing so too. The number of new COVID cases has dropped sharply here which is wonderful.

    • Hi John – this op has a quick recovery so here is to hoping I get my paws back soon. The back is giving me heaps but we’ll see how that progresses. Here too there are talks of relaxing the restrictions – mainly around checking in- but the case numbers are still high.

  3. We had to laugh …. you poor old summer chickens! Amazing how quickly you were able to get the surgery Chris …. all the best with the physio. No doubt Wade will take on that role and get you (Chris) hoisting the mainsail and winding the winches. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    • Hi Elgar – yes head still spinning about the pace of the past 3 weeks. When the medicos want to move fast and understand your situation they are amazing. Wade will definitely be on the winches. My involvement will be limited to trimming and may be even just pointing to the sails and saying “flapping” 😂!

  4. Wishing you a great recovery Chris!!
    Good Physio is invaluable…I hope it brings you quality relief soon.
    Give Wade a high five for me too….okay maybe just give him a cuddle! 😃

  5. Wonderful to open your post and get what I would call very good news . . . that smile looks real . . . your attitude will actually help the healing . . . and the ‘people-photos’ look terrific ! Backs . . . swearing helps hugely – more than one sawbones has affirmed I just happened to be born with a degenerated one . . . so you swear – and that oft leads to laughter !!! Still love that bridge of yours . . .

    • Hi Eha, feeling more positive now the nasties are behind me, but still have a foul mouth. Really think this getting old business have knobs on!

      • *loud laughter* Milady – someone should teach you the meaning of ‘old age’ !!! Shall remain ‘shush’ about self but my MIL was still doing business trips solo Aus > Europe at 96 !!! And one of my favourite on-line bloggers in Sweden is a lady of 110 . . . honest injun !!! C’mon !!!

  6. I’ll pass that purely from a ‘motherly’ viewpoint, you understand !!! Have a friends et al lovely weekend !!!

  7. Glad that’s behind you Chris.
    Tell the carer you require your favourite rum,mixed to your specs and consumed through a straw if necessary
    Work that carer hard!!!!!
    Happy and quick convalescing

  8. Oh, my poor little friend, Chris… Are you feeling better? Don’t get depressed, you’ll feel fine soon. I wish I could cheer you up! Take care my friend. 🙂 ❤️

  9. I like your photo, looking good. Impressive hands, I hope that they are now feeling more comfortable. You will soon be on your way again, sailing into the sunset. 😀👏

    • Yes getting there! We will have a better idea of our departure date after Tuesday when we have seen the surgeon and physics. We will make a stop your way again on the way back up.

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