Big month for Take It Easy in Cruising Helmsman

Imagine our surprise when on our return from our Summer Cruise, we opened our mail and found Take It Easy under sail made the front cover of the Cruising Helmsman magazine!  Whoo hoo!  Phil Ross, the editor was very nice to us, as this was totally unexpected and unprompted.

OMG we''ve made the front cover of Cruising Helmsman's February edition!

OMG we”ve made the front cover of Cruising Helmsman’s February edition!

February is a big publication splash for Take It Easy. Every month Cruising Helmsman focuses on different destinations and traditionally, the February issue focuses on Tasmania.  Given our love for this beautiful part of the world, we submitted an article last year about our “Top Ten Furneaux Anchorages”, a group of islands that are part of Tasmania.  In addition, earlier in the year, I had written an ‘Interview’ with our ship’s cat Bengie (pretty much what is on her page on the website) as people are often surprised to see a cat on board and always have lots of questions!  Phil Ross thought it was a fun and informative article and earmarked “Cat on a cat” for the practical section of the February issue also!  So we are very excited.  it is just what we needed to cheer ourselves up during this first week back at work!

To read or download the two articles, go to the Published Tab.  “Top Ten Furneaux Anchorages” appears in the Destinations section, and “Cat on a Cat” in the Practical section.

26 thoughts on “Big month for Take It Easy in Cruising Helmsman

  1. Congrats to you both Chris! So exciting 😃
    Just love the cat on a cat!
    Look forward to having a read.. Thanks for the link.

  2. Congrats for the recognition! Particularly, on the interview with Bengie. I figured that Bengie actually speaks French and English with a French accent and is secretly competing with Wade for Christine’s affections – but with typical cat sophistication, she managed to conceal all that from the interviewer.

    • Oh Craig, Bengie demands attention and is so loud, you can’t help but take notice! I’m the one who has to compete with Wade for her affections…. She loooves him! And shhh, don’t let Wade see this, but he adores her…

  3. She is one cool cat & quite the celeb and I think she knows it by the way she struts around TIE. Great cover Chris, you’re quite the celeb too in the world of writers in both English & French. Keep up the great work. It is fun to read of your exploits. Sue

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