The challenges of photography afloat!

Leanne Cole, a Melbourne based professional photographer whom I have been following since starting our website, asked me to write a guest post on her blog about the challenges of photography while sailing!

Initially I thought there would not be much to write about and it might be of limited interest to her 33000 followers!  If many are keen photographers, few are sailors!   But Leanne encouraged me and when I reflected on the topic and talked it over with Wade, we found there were in fact some aspects that other shutterbugs might find useful.

So we invite you to pop over to Leanne’s blog to read the post, add your thoughts in the comments section, and view a selection of images taken at sea.  And while you are there, do explore Leanne’s wonderful and varied portfolio.  She is a versatile, talented yet humble photographer and artist.  She is also a generous teacher and mentor.  I am very appreciative of her support.

10 thoughts on “The challenges of photography afloat!

  1. Well done Chris!! Gala Dinner tonight. Hopefully Dave wins the Lippmann’s Award. Lisa is well and having a great time. Conference has been very good. I hope you and Wade are well and happy!! Waz

    Sent from my iPhone; Regards Warrick Affleck B.Com. CFP

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