Published in the April Cruising Helmsman!

Our NSW tribulations in December-January brought us to discover new anchorages and revisit favourite ones.  We compiled an article on our top “10 unexpected gems of the NSW Coast“.  The article has been published in the April issue of yachting magazine Cruising Helmsman.  We are very chuffed especially since the editor, Phil Ross, was expecting a “return to Lord Howe” story and I was not sure he would be happy with the change of plan!

April CH-3

The other thing Wade is rather pleased about it that the photo of him walking along the deck while we are under sail not only made front cover in February, but is being used to promote the Cruising Helmsman magazine this month, and probably will be used again in forthcoming issues!  So Mr Cover Boy appears in April again… and in two spots!  Phil obviously really liked that picture.  Wade now thinks he is a “star” and wants fame, fortune, adulation, and women all over the world going “awh”!  Actually, correction… He wants them to throw their bodies at him!   Ah ah, like he’d know what to do😀!  I have to do something about bringing Captain Wadie back to reality…

You can view or download “10 unexpected gems of the NSW Coast” by going to the ‘Published’ page of our website, under the Destinations section.  Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “Published in the April Cruising Helmsman!

  1. That is exciting, beautiful 2 page spread, great title. How incredible to see your words and images in print, well done!

    • Hi Kirsten – yes it’s great fun – and it’s always interesting to see which pictures get selected for publication! I’m wrapped the image of Take It Easy under sail is being used to advertise the yachting magazine…

  2. Congratulations. It is an amazing feeling when our words and photos appear in print or in other types of publications. The photos look amazing, though I must confess that I have zero experience with sailing.

  3. Congrats to you guys! And you should really pay attention that this whole thing is not growing above Wade’s head! But I have to say that picture is pretty amazing 🙂

    • Thanks Sari – yes celebrity status is good to a limit! I’m pleased you like that picture… It’s a different angle and really shows our colours!

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