Sailing where the wind lets us

A definite destination in unsettled autumn weather is a recipe for disappointment. So although we had hoped for a trip to Hogan and Deal Islands for our Easter cruise, it looks unlikely we will make it there. Plan B was a trip to the Western side of Wilson’s Promontory, to Oberon Bay via Skull Rock and the Glennies Islets, which our friend Sue has never seen. That may not happen either! The weather is incredibly fickle and forecasts change daily, making it hard to trust the wind direction for any length of time. It is a lesson in flexibility and “going with the flow”.

Onto Plan C!

So where have we been to date?   We left our Port Albert mooring on Good Friday in light chilly conditions, and in good spirit for start of our 10 day adventure. Our first challenge: sneak around the “Whale Channel”, the shortcut to Corner Inlet at the Northern end of “The Prom”. It is a shallow passage through sandbanks, meandering awfully close to the shore. It is doable at mid to high tide for low draft vessels, but always interesting as the sandbanks move from one season to the next and you want a sunny day and eagle eyes to get through without mishap.

Chinaman's Beach

Chinaman’s Beach, Corner Inlet

We reached Corner Inlet and anchored at Chinaman’s Beach for two nights. We had hoped to witness and photograph the Blood Moon and total eclipse, but no such luck with the cloudy night sky. We did enjoy sunny days nevertheless: Sue and I rock hopping from one beach to the next camera in hand, while Wade tinkered on board. He never stops: affixing the oars to the dinghy, plugging holes in our solar panel frame, rigging up fishing line above the life lines so the Welcome Swallows can’t land and poop there, getting a new anchor bridle organised, and so the list goes on!

Shy Albatross soaring high!

Shy Albatross soaring high!

Easter Sunday saw us move to “The Prom” proper via another shortcut. It is a little gutter close to the shore again, that saves going a long way out through the shipping channel only to come back later towards the Prom. What a nice little sail we had under jib and main! It felt good to be out on the water with our favourite wildlife: dolphins playing at our bows, and albatrosses soaring majestically. They are stunning to watch and we never tire of them. Their approach is always eagerly awaited.

We headed to Waterloo Bay, a huge bay with granite boulders covered with the characteristic orange lichen bordering a sandy beach, and towering hills at the back. A grandiose anchorage, the gentle sway of the boat in the teal water, and this superb scenery all to ourselves… perfect!

We have no idea where we will go next… so stay tuned for the next post in a few days. We are just floating about happily!

For those wondering what has happened to the usual Monday “One Four Challenge” post, we are having a month break. A review of what I have learned to date will appear next Monday.

Here are a few images of our meanderings so far. As always, click on the first image to display in full screen slide show.


11 thoughts on “Sailing where the wind lets us

  1. Having sailed most of my childhood, I know too well that you are always at the weather’s whim! Sorry, that your Plan A & B didn’t work. Hopefully, your Plan C has been enjoyable. Your pictures look like it has been fun. We often had to change our plans mid-sail and those were often some of best times 🙂

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