Seeking shelter at Refuge Cove

Our Easter cruise continues to be a case of “go where the wind allows”.  With 40kn wind forecast from the SE, we make a move on Tuesday morning at first light.  We had an uncomfortable night rolling in the building swell and listening to the constant loud slaps of wavelets against the hulls.  So it is time to up anchor and seek better shelter.

It is a moody breezy morning with dark, threatening skies.  The shearwaters and albatrosses are flying though, and it is a lovely spectacle.  Some of the albatrosses come right inside the bay.  The short-tailed shearwaters are out in large numbers and nimbly soar in between the waves; and we thought they had started their migration to Siberia, but there is quite a flock playing amongst the swell lines.  Both bird species are a delight to watch as they soar, bank their wings, rise and form graceful arcs, never flapping.

Windy passage

Windy passage

We are headed for good old Refuge Cove, on the Eastern side of the Prom, a few miles north of Waterloo Bay.  We always have mixed views about this cove.  It is a stunning, iconic spot with rocky outcrops all around the edge of the turquoise water, two small sandy beaches and tall hills covered in eucalypt forest overlooking the small bay.  But although you feel sheltered is this idyllic looking cove, the wind has a habit of swirling around and yachts dance around in all directions in there.  It is also a very popular spot which can get quite crowded…and you know how we feel about crowded bays!  So when you add together fairly poor holding of weed over sand and yachts anchoring close to one another with insufficient scope, you get an anchorage you can rarely relax in.  Even today, outside the main Easter break, in poor rainy conditions, there are 5 of us in here: 2 other yachts and 2 motor cruisers.  We don’t recall ever being here on our own.  We certainly have been here when the wind was howling and dozens of yachts were playing dodgem cars in the night.  We have done more anchor watches in Refuge Cove than anywhere else!

Common Corea

Common Corea

Still it is more comfortable than Waterloo Bay in SE conditions.  We have a quiet day on board, except for a short escape ashore between showers to update the boat’s plaque.  This is a traditional thing yachties do: they affix their yacht’s name on a “Visiting Yachts Board” which keeps expanding as time goes by.  Medina and Take It Easy are sitting together displaying our visits over many years.

Wednesday is a brighter day.  The sun peaks out of the clouds… just right for a walk ashore.  We choose to climb to Kersop Peak, which overlooks Waterloo Bay, the Prom’s lighthouse and the surrounding islands.  Armed with camera and tripod, it’s nice to stretch our legs, take a few photos and get some exercise.

Unable to get internet service, we listen to the HF forecast – Thursday looks like a light SE days, which may allow us a return to Plan B: to Oberon Bay on the Western side of the Prom, via Cleff Island and the Glennies!  Woohoo!  Change of scenery, new discoveries again for Sue, things are looking up!

Here are a few images taken over the past few days. As usual click on the first photo to display in full screen slide show.

11 thoughts on “Seeking shelter at Refuge Cove

  1. Hi Chris & Wade,I just felt I should thank you for that wonderful article on photography on a boat.I’ve always admired your photos,& now have a better idea as to how you go about it……I realise nothing is accomplished without effort..I’ve always been a keen photographer of nature,& have owned 2 Minoltas & lenses…from macro to Tamron 700 ml….would that be right?… I just have a digital Nickon…easy to use,& very versatile,but…..I hardly ever use it because at 91 my zest for sneaking around in the bush has waned.I also no longer take mine to family gatherings etc,as everyone& his dog has an IPhone which does a pretty good job ….Love to you both from Pam& me. Frank

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks Frank and Pam – glad you like the photos … Always learning! We are having fun as usual although the weather has not been very cooperative… Till today! Sunny and we made it to beautiful Oberon Bay. Love Chris and Wade

    • Hi Frank and Pam, glad you liked the post and photos. It’s a passion… But still learning! We are having fun… Made it to Oberon bay with nicer weather at last. Take care – Chris and Wade

    • Hi Leanne – made it into Oberon Bay and checked out Skull Rock! Better weather today and for the next couple so things are looking up. Thank for your feedback on the macros – I was very pleased with them!

    • Hi Cybele – yes we had a rock and rolly passage! Glad you like the macro shots… I lugged my camera, 2 lenses and tripod up the hill on that walk, but was glad I made the effort!

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