One Four Challenge – June Week Four

This is it!  Another month of editing has gone by.  Our wonderful One Four Challenge is in its final week for June.  Hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me, it encourages us to explore four different ways of editing a single photo over four weeks. This month has been interesting for me.  I explored the different moods and colours we witnessed one evening at the Gippsland Lakes.  It all happened in the space of half an hour, and yet the glorious sunset colours were stunning and varied.  But eventually, night fell, taking away all the colours, and just leaving us with shadows and reflections in diminishing light.

Week Four Process : Night Fall

And this is what I am capturing this week. I struggled with different versions, including monochrome, but the result wasn’t how I remembered the scene.  I also struggled with letting go of the rich colours.  This last image isn’t my favourite, and probably won’t be yours either, but I wanted to complete the ‘story’ in my mind’s eye.

So working from my week 2 image I cloned the sun out and toned down the bright sunbeam radiating in the sky and reflected on the water.  I then desaturated the image, lowered the highlights, deepened the shadows.  I also decreased the contrast to bring a kind of slight blur to the image. At that stage, the whole thing felt rather flat and I struggled to get the vision I had in my head.  I worked further with the temperature (to bring out the blues) and tone (to keep just a little bit of purple and a slight hint of afterglow where the sun was), until I achieved the look I remembered once the sun had set and the darkness set in.  Here is the result:

Week Four - Night Fall

Week Four – Night Fall

As always, your feedback is welcome. Here is a slide show of all four interpretations plus the original image.

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Vote for your favourite

In fact, since this is the last week for this series, it would be helpful if you would take a few seconds to review the series and vote for your favourite interpretation.

Thank you for your feedback along the way.  Your comments and encouragement are really appreciated. Be sure to also check out other participants’ work by following the One Four Challenge tag or clicking here.  See you next month for another instalment of our digital darkroom creations!

28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – June Week Four

  1. You have made the eeriness of dusk on the water reality. Good job. So different to no2 which is my favourite

  2. I voted for week 3! Although, I really like how you closed out this month’s edits. You captured that moment of faded light, perfectly. I feel like this month I got to see the sunset with you. You shared each metamorphosis of it’s light with us. And you captured it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing your sunset photo with us!!

  3. Hi Chris – another wonderful edition completing this story.
    I can really understand about struggling to let go of the colour, but I do think this is another successful edit.
    I have enjoyed them all – hard to choose a favourite and even though I’m not a purple lover, I’m going with week 3, because of the dynamics created with the purple and oranges. Fabulous!

  4. My vote is for purple too! This is a great series, especially when viewed in succession like in the slideshow, I really get the sense of the sun setting in it’s different forms. The last one is inevitable though, you sit through the light show and then the sun is gone and there you are staring into the dusk. Great execution of this story. 😀

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