Captivated by the Surf Coast

Red Rocks Surf-15Another weekend without Wade and Bengie, but what a captivating time for photography!  The weather was a bit iffy, however gloomy days often yield wonderfully moody images.  Cloudy skies, wild seas, soft winter light all contributed to another great weekend on the Surf Coast, perfect for indulging my passion.  I was accompanied again by photographer friend, Leanne Cole. The featured image is by Leanne who was half expecting me to get drenched by the incoming wave!  Thank you for letting me use it, Leanne, it’s a beauty.

Point Lonsdale

A very early departure for a sunrise shoot at Point Lonsdale produced some surprising results.  It was still dark when we set up on the beach, looking at the lighthouse and the pier.  Although there was no sunrise colours to speak of, the eerie light when dawn came was striking, as was the vivid green seaweed on the rocks at low tide.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is a wild stretch along the Surf Coast.  It is a spectacular but hazardous site of weathered sandstone bluffs with eroded gullies of red clay and ironstone, and a rich palette of deep reds, ochres, yellows, whites, contrasting with bright green vegetation.  Down the bottom, there are dark basalt rocks pounded by wild surf and a beach of coarse sand only accessible at low tide.  It is a challenging location to access, but oh so rewarding.  We went there multiple times over two weekends, such was the appeal for photography.  Here is a selection of my favourite images.

14 thoughts on “Captivated by the Surf Coast

  1. Great shots Chris, some very similar to mine, I wonder how that could have happened LOL. I love the red rocks series, you got some wonderful images. I haven’t really started processing mine yet, soon.

    • Hi Leanne – thanks for the feedback and the company! When you look at the set together it really stands out as a stunning place, doesn’t it! And yes, we will have similar shots, but at least this is not ‘copy cat’ behaviour from either of us, just enjoying magic locations together 🙂

    • Hi Sue – that’s taken with a dark filter and a long exposure ( camera on tripod and the shutter stays opened for 30 seconds) which gives that effect… In that time the waves come and recede and the movement is recorded!

  2. WOW! I’m having such a blast watching how your photography is blossoming. Since I started following your blog, I’ve seen such a dramatic change in your photography, Chris. Amazing shots. June 2016 needs to hurry up! lol

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