One Four Challenge – July Week Two

We are now in Week 2 of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  This is a fantastic photo processing project that gets us to explore different interpretations of an image of our choice over four weeks. We have fun, learn a lot, and develop our digital dark room skills.

Week Two Process

Bengie Week Two: Tangled Effects

Bengie Week Two: Tangled Effects

I am enjoying spending time with my pussycat, even though she is away sailing with her captain!  There is one thing I love about my beautiful girl: it is her thick pelt that feels luxuriously soft and silky.  The Bengal fur is special with different shades from the root to the tip.  The roots are greyish, colour comes mid way along the hair, and the tips are golden and glitter in the sun, as if tipped by gold dust.  The markings are amazing – she looks like a little leopard!  Here I go again, just a bit biased.

So this week,  I wanted to show off her fur and accentuate it.  To achieve this I put my Week One image through the Tangled FX app and selected the ‘small details’ pre-set.  I tweaked the sliders till I was happy with the result; you can go a bit over the top if you are not careful!  Of course her long whiskers get emphasised too, which I am happy about.

Back in Lightroom I slightly highlighted her eyes with the adjustment brush and finally I added a vignette to tone down the bright window at the top.

So there you have it, the wild beast!  Click on the image to get the effect in full screen.

The progression to date looks like this:

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Your comments are welcome.  Let me know what you think.

Do have a look at the creative talent of other participants on the challenge, by going to the One Four Challenge link. It is fun to see what other photographers are doing.

37 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – July Week Two

    • Hi Sue, thanks for the lovely comment. Now you know this kittycat well – so you need to spell her name properly : Bengie, for the little Bengal! 🙂

  1. I used the Topaz Glow on free trial to do a similar effect on Cognac, all the fabulous detail in the cats fur and whiskers comes out splendidly with this effect. I like the sparkly diamond eyes and the tiny vampire fangs 🙂

    • Thanks Stacey – the Tangled FX app is great for animal fur! I just checked out your portrait of Cognac and I see what you mean about the similarity of effect. Beautiful!

  2. I’m loving your edit for this week, Chris. The “glow” really makes her whiskers and fur stand out. She has such long whiskers! It does give her a kind of “you better keep an eye on me or you are in for a surprise” quality! lol

  3. I love the way you described Bengie and her beautiful coat Chris! Also like the playful way in which you have described her visually 😃

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