French invasion at Tin Can Bay!

Tin Can Bay

Aerial view!

The French contingent arrived at Tin Can Bay by lunch time on 15/7/15 – a joyful reunion on board Take It Easy.  With a brilliant sunny day, it was straight into shorts and T shirts then fresh prawns for lunch in the cockpit.  Now we’re talking!  What a start!  It was time for Véronique and Dider to settle in and for Mike to leave us to join his own family in Toowoomba. Thank you Mike for your help bringing the boat up. 

You can’t be on Take It Easy for too long without being given an usual task: that of spraying silicone along the mainsail runner so it slides in the track more smoothly – which means getting winched to the top of the mast! Job done, everybody wanted to have a go at getting up there and admiring the view, camera in hand!

The rest of the afternoon was a little more sedate after that: a wander along the foreshore serenaded by hundreds of rainbow lorikeets and blue-faced honeyeaters, then back on board, charts spread out on the dining table, to map out our activities for the next few days. We will be exploring Fraser Island to start with.

For our first evening on board together, we were treated to a magnificent sunset – red sky at night, sailors’ delight!  Then it was time for an easy meal at the marina restaurant, and off to bed very early as our overseas travellers were exhausted.

A great start to a new adventure, as you can see from the gallery below.  Stay tuned for tales of dingoes, rainbow sands, whales and dolphins!

18 thoughts on “French invasion at Tin Can Bay!

  1. It looks like you are all off to a good start,so happy cruising. I bet you got good photos, but did the sail go any better up the track??????????? happy hunting Terry

  2. It is kind of fun to be hoisted up! I’m glad it helped the mainsail be raised more easily. Have fun on your adventure! I can’t wait to see the pics 🙂

    • Hi Leanne – It’s certainly summer, but sunny during the day. We are now at the top of Fraser Island. Had a great sail north and sitting at anchor relaxing after a busy day in 4WD yesterday! Thinking of you… Took some amazing shots of the freshwater lakes, the wreck of the Maheno, birds, etc… Will try and post but not the best internet coverage around here!

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