One Four Challenge – July Week Four

We’ve reached the final week of our July One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  I have had a lot of fun editing my image each week and have enjoyed the nice feedback from participants on my photo processing efforts.  Bengie has been the star this month, and I thought I’d finish off with something a little different – for me anyway!

Week Four Process

Bengie - Week Four

Bengie – Week Four

I have had fun with this one!  I wanted the introduce some brightness and cheerfulness in this last interpretation, to reflect how I feel about having this little critter in our life.

Here is the process I followed:

I cropped the week one image to a square.  I then took the image into Sketch Guru for a Gouache treatment and adjusted the sliders till I was happy with the effect.

Back into Photoshop, I played with the surrounds, using the Liquify filter, a tool I didn’t even know existed.  Now that was exciting, and transformed the background of the boat behind her into something a little funky.  I then noticed her name tag was turned the wrong way so I had to fix that!  I used the text tool with the Jokerman font, which is the font we have used for the sign writing on our boat.

You can see the result:  a whimsical, painterly and bright treatment.  I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Just as a reminder, here is the progression over the four weeks:

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As always, your feedback is welcome.

Time to vote for your favourite!

Since this week concludes the One Four Challenge for the month, I am including a poll for you to vote for your favourite interpretation.


Next month, we are taking a break and reviewing what we have learnt.  So there won’t be a weekly post, but we will look back at our creations at least once during August.

For now, be sure to wander over to the One Four Challenge page to see what other participants to this wonderful project have done.  There are some very creative people amongst our midst!

32 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – July Week Four

  1. HI Chris
    I’ve been enjoying your photography journey – and find shot 3 of Bengie amazing. The surreal effect of the flecks in his eyes mimic the fleck in his fur. fantastic. Ive got 2 labradors and 2 ragdolls waiting for their portrait photo when you guys next get to the Island to visit us.

    Craig Paton

  2. Be give, you are out there this week but I like week 2 better. Hope you are having fun up north with your humN mates

  3. I love this Chris – what a wonderful end to Bengie’s series 🙂
    I don’t think I’ve commented on week 3 yet either and I like it too – the closeup is fabulous!
    She is a great subject. I voted for week 4. A Fauvist kitty! Love it 😀

  4. I almost went the crazy road, but my image didn’t respond to my craziness. With your image, it works splendidly, you did an amazing job throughout the month. My favorite is week 2. I like the balance, it is wild, but still close to the original.

  5. Interesting progression through the 4 weeks. It’s a tie for me between week 1, which is a good edit to bring the image up. And week 2 for the effects you produced.

  6. Wow. It looks like you have channeled Warhol. Or maybe only Peter Max. And I love it. I see I’m in the minority but that doesn’t bother me much.

  7. Very hard to choose between the last ‘pop art’ version of Bengie (great colours!) and the tiger one of week two – actually even the original is beautiful. You are so lucky to have such a photogenic cat…

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