Never far from the ocean!

We might have had a break from sailing last weekend, but we were not far from the ocean!
Having not been to our place down the coast for months, it was nice to rediscover Jan Juc. Sometimes, even a very overcast morning can be fruitful for long exposure photography with friend Leanne Cole.

Although the sunrise was very bland, the sea, tide and clouds were just right to experiment with different filters and exposure times. The colours in the ocean and sky, and the smoothing of the water typical of long exposures made the Jan Juc beach look rather peaceful.  Here is a selection of images taken early in the morning as the tide was flooding back in. We got our feet wet a few times, but had fun.



19 thoughts on “Never far from the ocean!

  1. Beautiful, Chris. Looks like quite a place to enjoy the morning. Love that shot with the sun touching on the cliff in the distance, beautiful soft water and vastness.

    • Thanks Carrie. Yes I like that image too. It was a very overcast morning but for a few minutes the sun poke through and lit up some spots along the cliffs.

  2. These shots are spectacular, Chris. I have never tried this kind of photography and am in awe of your results. I especially love the softness of the water from the long exposures and possibly Neutral Density filters.

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