One Four Challenge – May Week 3

It has been fun to play with my jellyfish for week 3 of the One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me

Week 3 Process

My tools of choice for this week’s digital darkroom experimentation was Photoshop.  Here is what I did:

  • Using the week 1 image as the starting point, created an adjustment layer and desaturated the image, to turn it into a black & white, and lowered the lightness to darken the overall image.
  • Added a mask and brushed over the bell to selectively re-introduce the red markings
    and pinkish glow in the bell.
  • Added my watermark along one of the tentacles at 30% opacity.

This is the result:


Chrysaora wurlerra – Week 3

I like the effect the B&W treatment has on the shadow of our hull and graduation in the background water. But the star is the jelly, with the red highlights really brought out, whilst keeping a soft, translucent glow in the bell.

Just as a reminder, here is the progression from original to this week’s version:

Let me know what you think, your comments are welcome.

Do check what other participants to this photo processing project are up to by clicking on the One Four Challenge badge. Enjoy and see you next week for the grand finale!


16 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – May Week 3

  1. I’m really enjoying the progression of your jellyfish and I think the BW works very well and yes the bell does pop. Just love this photo Chris 🙂

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