One Four Challenge – May Week 2

We are now in the second week of the May One Four Challenge, a photo processing project hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me. The image I am working on for the month is a jellyfish – the Chrysaora wurlerra, photographed in the temperate waters of Wilsons Promontory on the Victorian coast of Australia.  

Week 2 Process

This week I have gone all artistic!  Using the FotoSketcher software,  I have selected a stylized effect called Emergence, which reconstructs the image through a series of triangles.  I tweaked the sliders, in particular the level of abstraction, number of iterations and contrast, and included a light canvass texture, to arrive at the following:

Chrysaora wurlerra

Chrysaora wurlerra – Week 2

I like the graduated effect on the water, the red patterns on the bell, and the nearly hairy look the tentacles have taken.  What do you think?  I look forward to your comments.

Here is the progression to date:

A few of us are taking part in the One Four Challenge.  It is always fascinating to see what others are doing.  So do visit the Challenge site by clicking on the badge below to see the creative work of other photographers.


14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – May Week 2

  1. Yes, such a wonderful use of this effect. I feel that feeling of cheating as well, especially with FotoSketcher, it does such a great job! I love the effect on the tentacles and red parts on the bulb too. It creates even more movement to the image and adds some great depth to the water too. Great edit this week, Chris.

  2. I love it Chris! To start I really love the colours and the jellyfish itself. The abstraction is a wonderful result. I particularly like what it has done to the background!! Another wonderful edition 😃

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