“Just Add Water” published!

It is always special when you are published, but it is particularly so when your article is featured in a photography magazine AND one of your photos makes the cover page! This is what has happened this month with the publication of “Just Add Water” in Dynamic Range. It goes without saying that I am particularly chuffed!  

Just Add Water” is an article about underwater photography.  This type of photography has been a great source of fun and learning.  Plenty of trial and error and in this piece of writing, I share some tricks and tips I have picked up along the way, and of course the article showcases some of my favourite underwater images.  To read it, click on the photo below or go to our Published Page, Practical section.

DR Article

DR Issue 4 Cover


My thanks go to Dynamic Range Editor Leanne Cole who always encourages me to explore new techniques and develop my photographic skills. The May issue of Dynamic Range is packed with good articles. Do click on the badge to purchase your digital copy.



25 thoughts on ““Just Add Water” published!

  1. Wonderful Chris. I can hear your enthusiasm for this form of photography jumping off the page. Makes me excited for you! Love these images and all the artistic wonder you have captured. Congratulations.

    • Thank you so much Carrie. I can’t wait for the next season to get back into the water. Winter is imposing a forced break… Way too cold for me to dive now but I can write about it😊

  2. You little beauty Chris, well done. I always enjoy your photos and articles and even though I am not a photographer I will enjoy your article. You have grown in stature in both these skills over recent years and it has been a joy to be along for the ride

    • Thank you Sue for the compliments. It is nice to share the ride with you in more ways than just the articles and photos… You are part of the adventures💕

  3. Great to see your hard work is appreciated, you have some terrific colour in those shots. Keep it up Babe, ( now put on your wet suit,ha ha) cheers.

  4. Congratulations, Chris. The photos are impressive and it was fascinating and informative to read about the considerations that go into taking photos underwater. Some of them are variations of techniques used above water, but some of them are unique to the special characteristics of the underwater world.

    • You are right Mike … Some of the above water rules apply, but the biggest difference is how close you need to be to your subject whilst dealing with balance in the current, and the effect of backscatter.

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