Cosmetic Work on Take It Easy

We are getting some cosmetic work done inside our boatie: new floating floors, kitchen bench and stove top.  We visited Take It Easy last weekend, to check out the progress. It was just a look and see rather than a sailing weekend given the lousy weather. It is getting there! 

In July, just before leaving for France we had a weekend of destruction on Take It Easy. We removed all the cushions from the saloon, deconstructed the table and liquor cabinet, cleared the contents of the galley cupboards and moved all that in the bedrooms.  Then the demolition really started: we pulled out the worn out and pitted cork floor tiles in the saloon, we got rid of the rusty cook top and the old bench tops in the galley.  The insides looked a bit “how’s your father” after our handy work! But while we were away in France, our shipwright Tim started beavering away at the internal upgrade.

Last weekend’s inspection was a bit frustrating.  We were hoping it all would be just about finished or at least liveable, but it was not since the gas stove and sinks had not been installed, and consequently the gas and water were not reconnected. So no cooking, no water for dishes, nor for ablutions.  It goes without saying that we did not hang around for very long: all we could do was a tidy up of the saloon, an appointment with the gas fitter and a “nice work but hurry up” chat with our shipwright. We drove home the next day. The rest of the clean up and reconstruction will have to wait a little longer. But we were pleased with the changes. Here are some pics for a quick preview.  We should have taken a couple more photos of the galley, but we will give you a full tour of the inside in a future post!

It is amazing how this sort of cosmetic update really lifts the cabin.  We are cruisers and home comforts are important, especially since some time next year we will be living aboard full time! And I have a thing about aesthetics… It’s got to be right or it bugs me, and then I bug Wade. So even if the internal update was not an absolute necessity, it feels good to have got it done – it’d better, as the bill was quick to get to us, even if completion is still a week or so away. Have we ever told you how things always take much longer to complete on a boat than you’d hope? And the meaning of BOAT? Yes you got it – Bring On Another Thousand!


26 thoughts on “Cosmetic Work on Take It Easy

  1. It’s looking good Chris!! Work in any abode always takes longer than estimated 😉 Cat seems to approve! I don’t know if we’re going to actually make it out on our friends boat before the seasons end. We’re all ridiculously busy all the damn time. Bet you can’t wait to get out on the water again!

  2. Looks great! We could really use with some interior cosmetic work on Celeste… but that thousand’s going to damage repair this year… good to be back reading some of your posts – lots to catch up on!

      • Yes and no – we’ve been back at work/wrapping up life in Switzerland this last month, but headed back to the boat in about 2 weeks and then will be sailing fairly well full time for a year or so – we’ll see how it goes! Very exciting, though – new chapter 🙂

      • Wow interesting! We will be doing this next year – wrapping life on land – scary and exciting at the same time. Where will you sail?

      • We’re not entirely sure yet – it depends on how working remotely develops – we could end up with lots more work than expected and have to wash ashore sooner than anticipated. So we’re taking it one step at a time – down the West Coast of the US, then maybe out to Hawaii??!!

      • I was teaching at a boarding school here in Switzerland, but I won’t be doing that when we’re sailing. Seth has the remote work – consulting for a firm in Zurich – mostly computer programming.

  3. Looks great! Are those built in speakers I am seeing all over the place – surround sound. Very nice.

  4. It looks great! I’m sure you’re happy it’s done. My parents had a large boat when I was in my early 20’s. They renovated it and wow it took forever!!! My brother and I were cheap labor to polish all the teak. I hated that boat lol. But it was nice when it was done and they enjoyed it a lot.

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