We have escaped – Sailing East again!

We had fun exploring up the Rubicon River, but glad we have at last moved on. There are only so many returns from wanders dragging the dinghy through the gooey, sticky mud one can do, and the hundreds of sand flies that set upon you as you do so really take the shine off things! Squeaking Point should be renamed Squealing Point, because that is what we did!

After our last post we got stuck on board with persistent rain. However the upside was that our rain catching system allowed us to replenish our tanks. We are full to the brim. On Take It Easy a rudimentary gutter collects the rain falling from our clears at the back of the cockpit and from our slightly angled solar cells. The gutter is connected to a hose that feeds into a jerrycan. A rain catching system on a yacht is really useful. It is another aspect that allows you to be independent from land facilities. The alternative is to dinghy to shore and find a tap to fill up 20l jerrycans (and then carry them), or pull into a port or marina and connect a hose to the water supply. As a friend puts it you go into marinas for water and a scratch (usually on the hull). We avoid ports and marinas if we can help it. We would rather be anchored in the wilderness.


Sailing to Bridport

And now we have resumed our Easterly sail. We left Port Sorell on Thursday, for a short run of about 10 to 15 miles to West Head, just before the Tamar River entrance. Surprisingly when we got there we discovered high dolerite columnar cliffs overlooking the anchorage, an unexpected and spectacular sight. It was impressive, somewhere new to be, and a shortening of the next day’s 35 miles spinnaker sail to Bridport with a WNW on our tail. We will be here for a night, then start thinking about the Furneaux Group.


Here is a gallery showing views of West Head, our triumphant arrival at Bridport doing 13.5 knot speed under Big O, and a brave pussycat on the prowl. She is getting less nervous about dinghy trips. Soon she will ride at the front of the dinghy like you see dogs do.  And she likes walking and scratching on logs, but is not impressed by exposed walks on beaches with nowhere to hide and the sound of breaking waves.

Happy New Year everyone!

16 thoughts on “We have escaped – Sailing East again!

  1. Glad to hear the rain was good for you, not all so lucky, but also good to hear you are on the move again. Looking forward to more photos.

    Happy New Year to you and Wade and all the best for 2017

    • Thanks Leanne – Happy New Year to you also. Good to be out again. Heading a bit further East to Tomahawk Bay and Foster Inlet. We will be there for a few days and wait for the right conditions to cross Bank Strait to the Furneaux Group.

  2. Very proud of you Bengie,cat on the prowl on a lead and in the dingy, super. Love the wharf and the cliffs. Big red did well at 13.5, flying. Looks like your new year is on the up.

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