Bengie’s birthday!

Today is Bengie‘s birthday; she is 11!  She is a very important member of the Take It Easy crew, and we love her dearly. On her special day, we have put her in charge of writing the post!  

Ever since I was a kitten I have been on boats, cars, even planes!  I am well travelled, but now we have moved on board Take It Easy. We started this new adventure in the middle of winter. What were the humans thinking?  It gets really cold at night and they seem to take for ever to get north where it is warm. Mind you, they have piled up the layers on the bed and I snuggle under the blankets next to them at night!

Off Watch Bengie

Lazying around in bed

Of late we have had sunny days, when I can laze around in the cockpit, or in a sunny spot in the saloon and when we are anchored somewhere calm, I get to dinghy ashore and go for walks on my lead. I have got much better at this; even the dinghy trips don’t phase me any more, and I really enjoy running around amongst the dunes or in the tall grass.


Some grass at last!

And this last week we have been at a marina. Now that is great fun.  I can roam around the floating jetties and check out other boats. I like the ones with biminis and hidey holes where you can get out of the wind!


‘Snowgoose’ has particular appeal

And the good thing about the marina is the number of visitors turning up to say hello.  I have to keep an eye out though, can’t just let anybody on board!

Bengie 2

Ok, I look a bit like a Meerkat!

Today is a really good day. It’s my birthday so I am getting a few extra treats! I don’t feel that old and I reckon I look pretty good for a ‘senior’ girl, but I do enjoy my nana naps!


Having a kip in the sunshine

I don’t mind the odd chin tickle and scratch behind the ears, so do say hello in the comments and give me a virtual pat!

18 thoughts on “Bengie’s birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Bengie. I enjoyed your post and all of the wonderful photos of you. I’d love to give you a hug, which I would probably enjoy more than you would, but will have to settle for a virtual scratch behind the ears. I look forward to following more of your adventures in the coming years (and those of Chris and Wade too).

  2. Happy Birthday Bengie! Your such a beautiful girl and I love your photos too. Hugs and scratches from Las Vegas!

  3. Have a very Happy Birthday Bengie! I have a red hair tuxedo tabby your age name VanGogh but he’s heavier than you!. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday my darling! ‘Senior’ is only a state of mind. Tiger and Cilla would be horrified if I called them ‘senior’..and they are older than you. I send you lots of pats, ear scratches and love. And I very much look forward to a cuddle when next we catch up. Xxxx Trish sv Sengo

  5. Purrfect pics & blog !!!
    Love how you describe your runs on the leash & life on the boat
    Happy Birthday Bengie
    Lindy & Phil

  6. Purr Bengie, I hope you had a great day with lots of treats. It is really cold here so I hope you cuddled under the covers yesterday. You will have to do the same today!

    • Hi Sue – it has been sunny here and the humans have the heater on in the morning so it’s not too bad. And I bury myself under the covers at night for sure!

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