More exploring up the Hawkesbury

Our last bushwalk from Coasters Retreat in Pittwater gave us a taste for more exploring up the Hawkesbury. We motored up to America Bay, from which we could set off on a walk. The Bay is peppered with club and private moorings, but when you are there mid week as we were, few yachts are around.


The bushwalks guide described the walk to the waterfall overlooking America Bay as delightful in spring, easy and flat. We liked the sound of that!  But it is if you come from the West Head road at the top of the escarpment. However we started from America Bay, which meant a steep rock scramble to the top. We accessed the head of the bay in Peasy, arriving at dead low tide. We had to anchor and wade in so the dinghy would not get damaged by the oyster covered rocks. Returning to the dinghy a few hours later meant Wadie had to swim out to bring our charriot to the smooth rock slabs, so us ladies would not get wet! He is very good to us.


Hard climb up the escarpment!

It was a hard climb up to the cliff top, but so worth it! Although there was hardly any water over the waterfall, the views from it were stunning, especially with that nice cat in the middle of the bay.


Take It Easy at America Bay


Impressive cliffs, but only a trickle of a waterfall

We wandered further along the flat track on top of the escarpment and saw some wildflowers and butterflies.


Butterfly over white Epacris

One of the wonders of macro photography is that the lens uncovers details you cannot see with the naked eye. The first image of the Mountain Devil shows the entire flower, the second is a close up. Amazing!



Mountain Devil close up – the wonders of macro photography

Patersonia occidentalis – Long Purple Flag

On our last day together we went out to sea, hoping Sue would get to see some whales, but no luck. Instead on our return to Patonga we settled for watching superb sea eagles and whistling kites.

White-bellied Sea Eagle

The Whistling Kites were serenading us with their characteristic calls and circling around Take It Easy and the local fishing boats.

Whistling Kite

Whistling Kite

One kite even caught a fish and ate some of it on a nearby dinghy before taking the leftovers to its nest in the Norfolk pines!


Whistling Kite eating its catch

Sue has now gone back home to Sydney and with the return of the northerly wind on Monday, we are heading off to resume our southward journey. We won’t get very far as a southerly change is coming – just to Jibbon Beach, some 38 miles further. It is raining for a few days and chilly all of a sudden!

14 thoughts on “More exploring up the Hawkesbury

    • Thanks HJ, yes it is spring here and the wildflowers are abundant. The birds came right around our boat while we were moored which makes it easier to capture!

  1. We have almost the exact same photo (with a different cat of course) from the falls at America Bay…Yes, agreed, it is a very steep climb. Did you get across to the other ‘leg’ of America Bay near the site where the mariners of the Krait trained?

    • Thanks guys. We are out of Broken Bay now – rough short chop and squalls but we should get to Port Hacking before a strong SW change. Might be there for a while!

  2. Brings back many happy memories of a childhood spent exploring Broken Bay. Interesting how empty America’s Bay is at this time of year. Plenty more creeks and waterfalls to explore.

    • Hi Meredith – mid week is the go. Weekends are too busy for our liking, although with the rain there are fewer takers. We have now moved to Port Hacking where we will be for a while with the SW change coming. There is an East Coast low in the making so we might go up river!

  3. Looks like you had to work to get these great shots, but I am sure enjoyed the climb, keep the body trim. You have a good variety of shots,we love them all,MR T.

    • Thanks Terry – we had fun! While you heave yourself up the boulders you don’t think about how steep it is! And then there are the rewards: wildflowers and soaring birds! Glad you like the posts. Keep visiting, we love it when you comment!

  4. I hope you made it to Port Hacking. We have just had a doses of a thunder storm here. I think the lightning was right over head by the sound of it, everything shook. I hate thunder storms!!!!

    • Hi Sue! We don’t like them much either! We decided to make the passage to Jibbon Beach on Sunday – less swell and a bit less wind than today. It was the right move although it was rough at the beginning. Today we have had all sorts of weather: storms with thunder and lightning, heavy rain, brilliant sunshine! We are here till the end of the week by the looks of the forecasts. We might catch the ferry to Cronulla for a wander and go up river for a change of scenery once the strong winds pass.

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