We are back!

Sharing a few days of cruising with friends is always a buzz for us, especially when they haven’t experienced a lot of it, as was the case with Trevor. Seeing him wild-eyed and excited about the experience was good fun. It reminded us of our lucky we are to live our sailing dream.


Early morning cuppa

We picked up our friend at Phillip Island and after a slow start towards Port Phillip Bay, we had a nice sail under Big O.  Passing Cape Schanck was spectacular as was having a seal swimming alongside Take It Easy for a while, not just basking in the sunshine as they often do. They are so streamlined and fast!


Cape Schanck and Pulpit Rock

Crossing the Rip was swift but calm, on a rising tide. We headed to Sorrento for the night, using one of the courtesy moorings there, although we regretted it when wind against tide kept us hitting the buoy during the night!


Arrival at Sorrento


All calm at dawn on Port Phillip Bay

We left Sorrento at dawn the next day, headed for Sandringham Yacht Club and dolphins joined our bows, much to Trevor’s delight.


Dolphins at our bows

We had an appointment with our sailmaker to organise for a new set of sails and a few bits and pieces. Our mainsail, genoa and staysail are a bit ragged and starting to tear, so it is time to replace them. We were so lucky because it all fell into place: getting a berth at Sandy YC – the only catamaran berth they have was vacant while its owner was away, being able to see Frank Hammond at Horizons Sailmakers to get his advice on design and construction, having him confirm it will all be made while we are overseas!  We won’t know ourselves with crispy new sails to go to Tasmania!


What is that cat doing at Sandringham Yacht Club?


Celebratory drinks on deck!

Our friends Greg and Ann who live nearby joined us for celebrations. It was great to catch up after us being away for 4 months! We are now floating around the bay for a week or so, which is quite novel for us. Bengie is enjoying the comfort of the conditions!


Bengie enjoying the sunshine

We will get to Docklands on 4th December, a week earlier than originally planned, having extended our stay there to give us time to catch up with friends, do some Christmas shopping and attend to our medical appointments.

13 thoughts on “We are back!

  1. I’ve enjoyed your trip although I didn’t comment on your posts as I would only be marveling at each article
    However I do owe Wade and yourself a dinner for his advice and knowledge regarding buiding our
    I wil come over when you are in Dockands and organize this at your convenience
    Anne and I are looking forward to getting our boat finished soon

  2. I’ll bet you that you are busier now that are retired than when you were not. No?
    I take it that for next year, Take It Easy is going to shine with the new set of sails. Great! Great pictures too! 🙂

    • Hi HJ – yes on our return from France we will swap the ragged and faded gear for the brand new sails and boom cover – hopefully we will sail faster and you will see us coming for miles with the bright orange trims!

  3. You won’t know yourselves with the new sails. I wonder how long it will take for you to break your speed record and by how much.

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