The clearest of waters

It is not often that we get to spend time on the Western side of Wilsons Promontory, so in the gorgeous easterly weather we have been having, we decided to linger here for a few days. From Oberon Bay, we explored the neighbouring beaches further north: Norman Bay, Leonards Bay, Tidal River and our favourite: Whisky Bay.UntitledThe colour and clarity of the water at these ocean beaches are simply breathtaking. These are the clearest we have ever seen – though not the warmest, but you can’t have everything.


Anchored just beyond the breakers at Whisky Bay

And then there are the sunsets! Do we feel lucky? You bet!


Another sunset! Norman Island in silhouette

So although it has only been a couple of days since we last posted, we could not leave this magic place without showing you around. Here are some of our favourite pictures taken over the past two days. We have surfed (in chest height waves, Craig) walked, swam, even done a bit of maintenance, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. In fact we will come back during another summer because this place is so stunning!

We are now on our way to Cleeland Bight at Phillip Island.

Click on the first image to display the gallery in full screen slide show.

27 thoughts on “The clearest of waters

  1. Nice to see some wave shots, amongst all your other whale, bird & cat masterpieces!
    When will you get to Cleeland? I am doing the Great Vic bike ride with Murray et al – leaving from Wilsons Prom this Sunday. There’s a possibility of heading down to PI to catch up for a wave this week if you can suggest a time.
    Unfortunately we had a major flood in the house and there’s mould everywhere – waiting for insurance co to decide what they will cover so I can only offer an uncomfortable visit if you were interested?

    • Hi Craig – we will at PI only tonight, continuing onto Port Phillip. Surf sounds good but not too sure how to work out the logistics of it! Will call you after the weekend.

  2. I think we may have shared an anchorage at low head and behind Waterhouse Island 9 years ago. We headed to Hobart on Futura and you north to the lakes. A previous catamaran I think and Benji was a kitten. We had our 3 kids on board.

  3. Wade, your body surf style reminds me of father Phil. Good to see. All the best buddy. 🙂

  4. Yeah, dead ringer for Phil Bishop body surf style. No wetsuit in November!! Just beautiful photos!



  5. Hi there, loved your gorgeous boat at the prom, had to look it up and follow your adventures! You asked me about the walk to squeaky beach! By the way, as a Prom fanatic, you were anchored at Picnic Bay our favourite beach at the prom, Whisky is the next smaller one around the corner on the way West. (But you can walk both along the beach at a very low tide) I should have taken some pics of you anchored from the top on our way home as the boat looked amazing in the gorgeous waters of Picnic Bay from the top near the car park…

    • Thanks very much Chris for the kind words and clarification on the Beach name. We did the walk to Squeaky Beach and Pillar Point – amazing views!

      • That’s wonderful! I was wondering if you will soon post any pics from your Refuge Cove stay? We did a three day hike around Sealers Cove, Refuge Cove and Waterloo Bay….just beautiful beaches….Sealers and Refuge on Westerlies are so protected and beautiful. Boats do enter shallow Inlet too from around the prom waters but the entrance is small and dangerous….most enter only in slack water….will follow your amazing adventures…thanks for replying! 🙂

      • We arrived at last light at Refuge so no pics from this time but plenty from previous trips. Sealers and Waterloo are our favourites although Picnic is now added to the preferred list! We used to keep a swing mooring at Port Albert and used it to get to the Prom easily. If you do a search on Wilsons Prom on our website, you will see a few posts and photos. Happy reading!

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