Back to our beloved Prom

After spending a few days at the Flagstaff Jetty just inside the Gippsland Lakes and catching up with our friend Dickie, we headed off on Friday morning to Wilsons Promontory in very overcast conditions and threatening skies.


Rain coming!


Threatening Skies

We flew our spinnaker for about 8 hours until it got too rowdy in the afternoon and Big O got swapped for the more sedate genoa. We thought “if only we had some images of Take It Easy with Big O flying, that would be amazing”. So we are very grateful that Andrew on the Seawind catamaran “Catatonic” took some photos as we were overtaking him!


Big O flying!


Passing Catatonic!

While under Big O we caught up to a pod of four whales, all big and flexing their muscles in a display of synchronised breaching. We got close and it was a relief when they dived and got away from us!


Another breach very close to us!


Humpback Whale Spy Hopping

We had to motor sail the last few hours when the wind died down and we arrived at last light in Refuge Cove, escorted by dozens of playful dolphins.


Arriving at the Prom

The next day was easy: just around the Prom to the opposite side, weaving our way through the islands to Oberon Bay.


The Prom with Catatonic sailing


Wilsons Promontory

The morning sun on the granite escarpments covered with orange lichen was a beautiful sight. These really feel like our ‘home waters’ and it is nice to be back and relish the spectacularly rugged seascape in the sunshine. We could keep going in the easterly breeze, but we have plenty of time, so we will rest here for a day or two and enjoy exploring the neighbouring bays.


Sunset at Oberon Bay


Brilliant sunset at Oberon Bay

We will get underway again probably on Monday or Tuesday to sail to Phillip Island and pick up our friend Trevor, who will accompany us to Melbourne.


Bengie in her hidey hole


20 thoughts on “Back to our beloved Prom

  1. Well…you’re close to your home, I bet that must be very exciting, after being so far at sea, I’m so glad that your journey went through with plenty of excitement, lots of action, visited so many beautiful places, accomplished many tasks and you came back safe and sound! I had the great pleasure to have met you…here you have a friend in Hiram, Georgia USA. 🙂

  2. Benji is beautiful! And such a perfect place for her too. This photo set is great! The whale photos are spectacular, and Big O looks awesome full out. 👍🏻❤️😬

    • Thanks John – we were really pleased when Catatonic took the shots of us flying the spinnaker and we caught up in Oberon Bay! As for the whales we were really surprised as their numbers have dropped a lot with their migration mostly completed!

      • Your welcome! Have you heard of a sail called a Jib? That’s what we called them when growing up on an inland lake in Michigan. I raced every Sunday. Maybe Jib is another term for Spinnaker?

      • No the jib is just a small triangular sail at the bow. We use a genoa which is about 110% of our mainsail, so quite big. The Spinnaker is a huge ballooning sail in super light fabric, used for downwind sailing in light conditions. Once it gets too windy, we pull it down so it does not overpower us and sail downwind on the genoa.

      • Amazing, thank you for the clarification. No need for anything more than a Jib on an inland lake right? I miss those days as a child and young man living on that lake. My sister Linda and hubby now live in the same home her and I did way back when. Our parents sold it to them. Safe passages!

    • Pretty lucky with the Big O pics, Sue! It was good of Catatonic to take them as it was being left behind!
      We still have a way to go but getting close! It is so nice at the Prom that we are staying a little longer. Great weather, lingering easterlies – no rush. It’s a bit different from the conditions on the way up!

  3. I can’t believe how lucky you have been with the whales, so amazing. The photos of the boat look fantastic.
    Looking forward to catching up.

    • We really have been – we would have seen hundreds! We did not expect to see any in Victoria by now but were proved wrong! We were going fast and saw them ahead of us in the distance and all of a sudden they were right next to us, being exuberant! See you soon… probably end of next week!

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