La Vie en Rose at the Freycinet Peninsula

We have swapped the dramatic dolerite columns of the Tasman Peninsula for ‘la vie en rose’ at the Freycinet Peninsula. It is a gentler geology: dome-shaped hills of pink granite slabs, highlighted with orange lichen.

The ideal time to sail by these cliffs is in the early monrning when the sun makes them glow – even better if it is foggy: more evocative though a little off putting. This is where the radar comes in handy!

TAS2018 - East Coast-4369

Early morning fog, just out of Wineglass Bay


With a bout of northerly wind, we have not covered a lot of miles. Instead we spent a few days at two anchorages on the Peninsula: Bryan’s Beach on the western side and Wineglass Bay on the eastern shores. We have enjoyed slightly warmer conditions, and sunny days… look at those blue skies!

TAS2018 - East Coast -4134

Anchored at Bryan’s Beach — Freycinet Peninsula

TAS2018 - East Coast -4344

Wineglass Bay

Bengie enjoyed a few beach runs, we have gone for walks  and gone fishing – and wait for it – we caught 16 flatheads over two days! Unheard of!  We like it when fish commit suicide without us even trying. We will have to look for different recipes as we have enough to last for quite a few meals.

We should linger around these parts. There is so much to see! But scaredy cat Wadie is worried about the cold weather. He wants to get north towards the tropics as soon as possible. Having bullied him into coming back to Tassie during another summer, I agree to deferring more sight seeing and we push on!

Bicheno is our next port of call and we take the opportunity to attend to a medical Skype consult, top up on fuel, water and fresh food. However with stronger northerlies blowing, it is exposed so we end up spending two days at Long Point, just 8 miles further north. Sun and warmer days are the trade off while we wait for the SW change to get to the northern tip of Tasmania and beyond.

For now, here is a gallery from our time at the beautiful Freycinet Peninsula.

25 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose at the Freycinet Peninsula

  1. What a contrast, love the mist. Bengie seems to be enjoying the warmer weather. Jealous of flathead catch. I remember as a child fishing with my father and had a catch like that. On train to town to see French tapestry Lady and the Unicorn. In Sydney till June. Stay safe

    • Yes the contrast was striking, Sue, to the point where I thought my first lot of photos seemed too plain! But the day we woke up with the sea mist made it quite special. And the fishing made up for months of dragging a lure behind the boat and catching nothing! Just quietly, I think we are going too fast for trawling anyway! We now know: drift in 10 meters over sand, just off an anchorage.

      • Yes that’s what David does but he has a magnificent little elect motor which is also guided by gps. Way to go

  2. Lovely photography! The geology and colours are so amazing. Bengie is so gorgeous! Be safe and well, friends. 😎👍🏻🌴

    • Thanks John, yes the hills really take on a beautiful glow in the sunshine. Bengie has really enjoyed the beach! She is now more comfy in the dinghy and jumps in and out of it when the water is calm!

  3. Ah, there you go..perhaps we will end up doing Tassie at the same time! I loved Wineglass Bay (by road) and can’t wait to get back and spend more than a day there.

    • Hi Trish, Wineglass is beautiful but often crowded: lots of yachts and an endless procession of tourists on the beach and along the paths. We were lucky to be the only yacht there, probably because of the time of year. But there is more to the Freycinet than WB! Don’t think we will be there next year, but maybe the year after.

      • Hi Chris. We did a lovely loop walk down to Wineglass Bay and back to the carpark via the other side (The Hazards, I think). There is a three day hike that is supposed to be good (although we cant leave the cat) and the dramatic landscape of the other side looks superb. I am actually looking forqard to all that coast…which is purported to have more sunny days than the south of France! xx

      • Definitely sunnier on the East coast of Tassie! Yes the loop walk is good – long but worth it. We did that a few years ago.

      • It was long but I also remember the refreshing drink at the end of it…on the restaurant balcony with the magnificent view…

      • Cheating! Wade keeps looking for the « kiosk that serves warm drinks and spaghetti bolognese » wherever we bush bash to! Not quite as stylish, and never located!

  4. I have a great idea Chris!,,, why don’t you guys adopt me?
    Great photos and more and more gorgeous places! From La Vie en Rose is turning to Dolce Vita!! I love you guys! 🙂 Thanks for the little bird!

    • You make us laugh HJ! The Dolce Vita is especially dolce after the rough weather we endured for weeks! Thought of you when we spotted the little Robin 🐣!

  5. What a spectacular coast line and so inviting in the sun! Awesome shot of Benjie on the leash too. Nice little set-up heading North. Anchor and play in the warm Northerlies. Sail in the cool Southerlies knowing that eventually they will take you to a place where it’s never cold.

    • That is the plan Craig! It was nice to take a breather in such nice surroundings. Now we are sailing again, and fast, past St Helen! Chilly, but invigorating.

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