Cruise Journal of our Tasmanian Voyage

When we embarked on our Tasmanian Voyage on 27 February 2018, we knew it would be dazzling. Over two months we sailed our catamaran Take It Easy right around this wild island state. With its history, its vast wilderness areas, its dramatic coastline and abundant wildlife, there is so much to see and experience.As we always do with special cruises, we kept a photo journal to share with followers of our adventures. This records the great passages we sailed, the anchorages we explored, our thoughts and reflections along the 1200 nautical mile voyage.

So here it is: “Two months around wild Tasmania“. We recorded thousands of images of which 250 are included in the journal, and have memories to last for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy the read. Click on the front cover here, or go to the Cruise Stories/On Board Take It Easy page of our website.

Tassie Title

23 thoughts on “Cruise Journal of our Tasmanian Voyage

  1. This is so nice of you, I hope you don’t erase that any time soon. I”d love to show it to some of my friends.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. This looks like the beginnings of an amazing coffee table book – if only people still bought coffee table books! haha. So great that you are documenting your adventures in such detail. Really fascinating to hear about it all and mesmerizing to see your mind expanding photos!

    • Hi Craig – if only publishing coffee table books was not so expensive and we had space on board to store them! But it is nice to revisit from time to time and other yachties find them interesting. And if it inspires people to get out and about, the journal has done its job. Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. Hi Chris,
    I have just finished your Tassie write-up. What a thoroughly enjoyable read….and very much looking forward to following in your footsteps. To describe the towns on the west coast of Tassie as frontier towns is spot on – we’ve visited them from the land – they are isolated (non environmental) to the point of being scary. It is always nice to hear of other’s adventures – we have met RooBinEsq and Venture in our travels on the east coast. As always – your photography is amazing…cheers

    • Thanks Trish. Isn’t cruising a small world! Interesting to hear you have met some of the cruisers we bumped into. You will love doing the lap of Tassie. Don’t leave it too long… it is becoming more frequented!

      • The cruising world is so small I don’t think we’ve met anyone that doesn’t know someone that we’ve met previously! At this stage Tassie is still locked in for this Summer…if we ever leave SA, that is……

      • Depends on the weather. If it gets too cold here we will leave the exploring until a later date, shoot past Victoria (probably pulling into Lakes Entrance on the way through) and shoot north to where it is warmer. I am looking forward to the Clarence River. Otherwise, we will hang around here as long as possible and maybe do Tasmania from here…although Andrew wants to pull Sengo out of the water at some point and there will be limited spots in which to do that…. possibly Sydney. (But the universe has to align….today was our second attempt to leave Ceduna!!!)

      • I loved Iluka on the Clarence. There is a rookery for crested terns on the breakwater there. We will hopefully be stopping there on the way up.

  4. What a fabulous record of an amazing trip!
    I loved it and couldn’t stop reading.
    Bon Voyage!!

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